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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Last saturday at 28-6-08,daddy bring us to watch DREAMS sort of like magic show...i think.
We hit the road around 1pm and reached at the AWANA hotel around 2:30pm.
Once check in,as usual CAM-whore.

with brother...
I got nothing else better to do.
cam whore in the room...

the view!!!

she is my mother!! aahah

on our way to genting...

finally reached & it was 4pm!

it was the ugliest one.

I and my brother try to look for an activity & end up archery it is!

indeed it was FUN,thumbs up.

before the shows started..this is the only shot i got cos it was prohibited to taka any pictures during the show.

after the show,we grab ice cream.
The next day we check out around 11am after our breakfast.We head off to take cable car to genting.....

lining up for our turn for cable car(cecilia angelina issaz).

they qout that it was de longest cable car in asia & fastest in th world. really?

hugging mummy moment..I LOVE U MUMMY!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Life in MMU was like 'I feel fine'.
Actually I think is a best thing that could happened right now!
It's funny though.....
On the day of wednesday,i had only two hour class & thats it.
awwwww.....It is real difficult to spent the rest of the day.
Wat I did was on the net twenty-four seven,but not really most of the hours.
Eevtually,at 5pm KAK KITTY ajak me n Ee Teen pergi joging at the track.
Since we have nothing else to do,so we went there.
We did Jog,but few round(not sure how many round).
I & Ee Teen sat right behind the football net where there are three chilren playing football.
Few minutes later,kak kitty joined us.
Suddenly,a football hit kak kitty right to his face..DAMN NICE>
Im so proud of those children for playing such a good ball....hahahahahhhhahahah
Later on tak tahu siapa ambil kakak kitty punya room key
Then we started passing those keys to each other..
wow u know kakak kitty punya size dan power-nya.
aiks he stepped on my track bottom & i fell right on my ASS..sakit betul..
there is bruise on my finger((MIDDLE FINGER)) nice right....i know..
aiks...den Ee Teen still passing kak kitty's key around..aiyo i really scared already.
Without my knowledge Ee Teen throw his key to me & I was like so scared cos KAk kitty is lik the hulk running towards me.....
duh i screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how the track looks like..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Too boring until I end up here blogging......
Well today two of the classes i attended was tutorial class which is one hour each class
So during the day what I could do is just camwhoring..hahahha.stupid I know that.
here is the pic that I camwhored & the view of my hostel room.

& the view of my hostel room..........................................


so that is all about it

Acess the enormity of the situation.

LAst night while downloading some movie clip,I chated with Fuad,Ee Teen & Weng Kit.Later on Fuad told me that he dedicated a song for me YOUR BEAUTIFUL by james blunt through RADIO MMU.Wow,I was so happy & touch to have such good -hearted senior.The song was awesome.While listening to the song,I told Weng Kit that Fuad dedicated a song to me through RADIO MMU.After a few second,he told me he also dedicated song(BLEEDING LOVE by LEONA LEWIS) for me & Ee Teen.I was like feel lots of suprises.To tell the truth,I thougth Weng Kit was like gonna to punk me. OKAY..this year senior all freaking good man(SERIOUSLY) hahahahahaha.....
There is always feedback on whatever you do no matter where & when,good or bad.
Since it has been a smooth ride throughout the night,I decided to dedicate song, BYE BYE by MARIAH CAREY to Fuad & Weng kit.
While dedicating,Ee Teen suggested that she wants to dedicate SHUT UP song by SIMPLE PLAN.It is so hilarious cos it sort of like revenging.
On behalf of all those stuff,I also been chatting with MR MMU aka ATHI.He is really nice and cute guy.We chat about crap a bit. He is also dealing some personal thing which I could not type it out(IF not later he kill me)
Since this whole episode though,I now feel like I have this friends who are so caring & nice.It eventually made my bond with my friends even stronger.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Today my class suppose to start at 10 am till 11am for tutorial class(INFORMATION SYSTEM & MULTIMEDIA).As usual i go off early to class(punctual mer). Then suddenly one of my friend text me the classroom code.It gave me a shock cause my classroom code is different with hers but it is impossible cause we are taking the same subject & time.Few minutes later another friend of mine,Annie says the class is different from both of us.Our head came up with lots of question mark.So we decided to go every class and check.We are like so dissapointed and angry cause not even a class we find is our subject.So our last hope is only got to the Fom building to ask for it.Then the people who incharge says that they forgot to post it in bulletin board & guess wat the class is in FOM building

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The whole afternoon I kept on doing the printing notes again.With luck,I managed to finish the printing thingy in a very short period.So i did some reading on Information System and Finance Accounting..................
Soon I was chatting one of my OC named CHOU in friendster.At first i thought he was a malay guy.Rupa-rupanya he is a Chinese le. p/s: sorry ya........
Later on we chat through YM.
Seng Chou: hie hie
cecilia chui: o hihi
Seng Chou: you are??
cecilia chui: cecilia.
Seng Chou: haha cant recall names...
Seng Chou: are u freshie?
cecilia chui: duh..yeah le
Seng Chou: forgot leh
Seng Chou: hahahaha
Seng Chou: u the gal from frenster 1 is it??
cecilia chui: duh....ape le u.
Seng Chou: SORRY ler.the one tree hill gal?
Seng Chou: ahaha
Seng Chou: i still sick ma
Seng Chou: don blame me
cecilia chui: aiyo...hey where got one tree hill gal..jus de fans haha
Seng Chou: haha
Seng Chou: same here
Seng Chou: is epidsode 18 the last episode?
cecilia chui: yup.
Seng Chou: oko itot got somemroe
cecilia chui: wait i check first
Seng Chou: hahaha
cecilia chui: if i not mistaken i think is 20 lik dat....sudah lupa le
cecilia chui: u watch one tree hill?
cecilia chui: i thought only gal watch
Seng Chou: of coruse la...
Seng Chou: zzzzz
Seng Chou: WHERE GOT???
Seng Chou: i watch gossip gal too
Seng Chou: LOl
cecilia chui: wow..impressive
cecilia chui: gossip gal nice
Seng Chou: so far u are my 1st fren who is a fan of OTH
Seng Chou: ahha
Seng Chou: saem saem
Seng Chou: finish d the series.
Seng Chou: sian jor
Seng Chou: wait next season
cecilia chui: hhaha...OTH not bad...
cecilia chui: heroes good
Seng Chou: yeah
Seng Chou: 2nd season suxx abit ler
cecilia chui: ok le....don demand tototototoooo much
Seng Chou: lol we as show critics shud critic them as much as possible ma
Seng Chou: so far i have ntohing 2 critic on OTH n GG
cecilia chui: oh..okok
cecilia chui: where u came from?
Seng Chou: penang ler doink
Seng Chou: hahahaha
Seng Chou: just kidding
Seng Chou: u?
cecilia chui: KL le doink
Seng Chou: lol
Seng Chou: which part?
cecilia chui: kepong doink
Seng Chou: zzzz
Seng Chou: i got a fren frmo kepong too
Seng Chou: ahhahacecilia chui: huh? o...
Seng Chou: lol
cecilia chui: also studying in MMU
Seng Chou: yahe
Seng Chou: my coursemate ler
cecilia chui: oiciicicicc.
cecilia chui: u karang kat MMU ke?
Seng Chou: yeah ler
Seng Chou: lu leh?
cecilia chui: nopr..kat rumah
cecilia chui: haha
Seng Chou: zz u siao meh
Seng Chou: u think i every week go penang
Chou: ahah
cecilia chui: siao...mayb
Seng Chou: bad ler u ..call me siao
Seng Chou: then later coming back?
cecilia chui: monday baru balik..hehe
Seng Chou: waa
Seng Chou: so syok
Seng Chou: 2molo no clas?
cecilia chui: war apa/
Seng Chou: wat tiem class 2molo?
cecilia chui: ada tomorrow 10am class,...still got time mer
Seng Chou: u drive?
cecilia chui: mummy driv eme
Seng Chou: wooo
Seng Chou: all the way from kepong
Seng Chou: lucky gal la u
Seng Chou: zzz
Seng Chou: u foudnation right?
cecilia chui: quite near while..
cecilia chui: its lik 30mimute
Seng Chou: lol......but distance so far...
cecilia chui: really....wat to do im her dauhter wor
cecilia chui: daughter*
cecilia chui: how many times u go back to PP
Seng Chou: err..midterm break n after finasl lor
cecilia chui: wei im 19 le..still foundationa r
Seng Chou: engienerrign or management?
Seng Chou: sweet 19 ooo
cecilia chui: FOM>>>>>>>>> sweet 19+ le..u? 21 rite?
Seng Chou: hahaha
Seng Chou: eee FOM
Seng Chou: me FOE ler
Seng Chou: yayay smart
Seng Chou: 21 this year
Seng Chou: ahha
cecilia chui: hahaah im done with physics...arrr
Seng Chou: lol
Seng Chou: syok ma physics
Seng Chou: lol
Seng Chou: don worry
Seng Chou: u come here u enjoy more
Seng Chou: lol
cecilia chui: enjoying
Seng Chou: good
Seng Chou: when finasl come..u enjoy more
cecilia chui: y say so?
Seng Chou: study la of course
Seng Chou: haha
cecilia chui: cheh....kk le i gtg edi...
cecilia chui: bye

That should be the end of the conversation.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I had just came back from YC with jenny,cmc & crystal...at chandran.
I miss them so so so so much.Everyone seems to be so charming already.
We shared numerous secret joke and craps around the table which is mostly about our working experience as a tutor,trip to malacca,& my orienation stuff.
Aiks hate to say this but the end has come all too soon.We go our own way now.
Jenny(CONGRATES) will be continuing her study at UKM at Bangi for PURE CHEMISTRY course.

Where CMC appeal for ORGANIC CHEMISTRY at UKM...He asked me MMU has this course or not..He told me that the course that he wants is more to hydrocarbon stuff..you kno y??? cos he wish to create or find something else to replace petroleum maybe extract from plants. & he says that he gain hell lots of serious weight.(i told him i post it on blog)

Crystal as usual doing her part time job as a tutor due to her 3months holiday of HELP COLLEGE.
wELL it seems like pretty late now.Its like 12:35am.
Ok thats it for today.


I had been acting like a complete idiot today.
I had no idea wat is going on with me.
my new NEC pc is not working.
I kinda kept on arguing with my sister about the stupid printer.
It actually started with this morning.....
I planed to print all the lecture's note so that I could read up a bit.
There is one little tiny mini problem,I want the notes to be in horizontal with 4slides in it.
god it took about 4hours(10am till 2pm) to figure out how to print that notes.
ARR finally i had it done,but it was only the first part of the notes.I thought I could print the other notes out since I knew how to print.But luck just wasn't by my side,the printer goes something wrong which I had no idea wat is going on.It is just not working.It printed half way through.Fine,I got SO fed up so I took a few couples hour of break by watching FORENSIC(ASTRO ON DEMAND).LOves that TVB drama...
I watched for like 2hour.
Later on back to my work of printing...It printed just so fine,& suddenly...................not working anymore.I was like what the ****.
I couldn't believe doing all these thing for this whole afternoon.I will not get over this today.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Today at 9am sharp. I got MATHEMATICS For MANAGERS class to attend.It's a 2hour class,but due to the 1st week class,lecture(YAN) lets us early around 10am.
God seriously telling you the math is like a piece of cake just lik form 5 add math plus finally i had a subject that im familiar with.Cos this is my very first time i study business stuff.So all those subject is actually kinda new to me.I had INFORMATION SYSTEM&MULTIMEDIA, MANAGEMENT , CRITICAL THINKING&APPLICATION IN MANAGEMENT, FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1.
Basically nothing change for the MATHEMATICS FOR MANAGERS.It just that i learn stuff like linear equation, quaratic equation, where the word gradient changed to slope.
After the class,as usual go back to my hostel's room online..ahahahaha
Life goes on...................................................................................................................................................

Thursday, June 19, 2008


MISS..The undefine word...miss my girls so much.
been a week since the last day we hang out....

those were the memorable memories we had...LOVE you girls

The senior Wolf

Well senior name NATH actually MSN one of my friends for DINNER at HB3 at 7:30pm.
Me,Ee Ten,Wen Mei,YY,Erica & two more friends been waiting since 7:20pm for NATH,guess wat time NATH shows up...7:43pm..Once he arrive,he was like straightaway goes to his friends.Later on he approach us and says go go go order food.
dah la lambat,sorry pun tak ada.dah la tak punctual,geram betul.
Aiks so fine we left HB3 cos we have simply no idea what to eat.So we plan to go to HB1,try try aje.Once we reached there,hahaha quite number of guys topless standing by the window & i saw white lao...so cute man.
hhhaha.Ee Ten & I ordered FISH & CHIP and GRILL FISH.God we gotta wait for like more than 30minute for the food.We planed to pack.While waiting,the Weng Kit AKA Colour Wolf who loves to call people BODOH.dah le bontot besar nak langgar i punya bontot...eiks eiks...
Later then Ee Ten & I grabed our food and walk straight to her room to have our late dinner.While eating,we saw a guy doing DUMBELL.WHOOSH just right opposite Ee Ten's room....The guy is trying to show off.......elelelelele.



Me,Crystal & Emily went to 1U to catch our movie THE HAPPENING...at 1Pm de movie so so only.Help one utama hell lots of people,but what to do I loves hanging out at 1u. Actually I dont really get the meaning of the movie.Why it happen? Who cause the numerous number of death? Is it plant?or just human?
But anywhere who cares,im so blured.Movie ended around 3pm.Then shop around at Forever21,Miss Self & blah blah...
Went around 5pm.Gotta go home early cos FATHER'S DAY.
Get to camwhore in Cystal's car..hehe