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Friday, June 27, 2008


Life in MMU was like 'I feel fine'.
Actually I think is a best thing that could happened right now!
It's funny though.....
On the day of wednesday,i had only two hour class & thats it.
awwwww.....It is real difficult to spent the rest of the day.
Wat I did was on the net twenty-four seven,but not really most of the hours.
Eevtually,at 5pm KAK KITTY ajak me n Ee Teen pergi joging at the track.
Since we have nothing else to do,so we went there.
We did Jog,but few round(not sure how many round).
I & Ee Teen sat right behind the football net where there are three chilren playing football.
Few minutes later,kak kitty joined us.
Suddenly,a football hit kak kitty right to his face..DAMN NICE>
Im so proud of those children for playing such a good ball....hahahahahhhhahahah
Later on tak tahu siapa ambil kakak kitty punya room key
Then we started passing those keys to each other..
wow u know kakak kitty punya size dan power-nya.
aiks he stepped on my track bottom & i fell right on my ASS..sakit betul..
there is bruise on my finger((MIDDLE FINGER)) nice right....i know..
aiks...den Ee Teen still passing kak kitty's key around..aiyo i really scared already.
Without my knowledge Ee Teen throw his key to me & I was like so scared cos KAk kitty is lik the hulk running towards me.....
duh i screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how the track looks like..

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  1. well,
    i dint think MMU is that boring , u did not get to know it wisely ,,
    all the best