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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DE fun,,

Yesterday was really really tiring day(28/7/2008)
As I & Jeen yi were bulk-ing up to finish our CRITICAL THINKING GROUP ASSIGNMENT where it is due by 3pm on that very same day.We even skip our management class for that particular assignment & luck were by my side, we managed to get our fren to sign our attendence.
It is very hectic seriously.
It was a total chaos too.
But finally we did finish our ASSIGNMENT on time.Not even done,we got to print it & even bind it as there is marks for neat-ness.
Well Eric is my group leader for de assignment,I & Jeen yi suggested that we ask him to pay(triple the price) for all those printing & the rest as he is not even committed to the assignment.
DARN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I din't even want to look at him super innocent face.FUCK off!
Let not talk about him,continue.... my critical class ended at 5pm.
So I headed back to my room asap cos I got to attend social dance at 6:30pm.
The teacher taught salsa moves...no pic unfortunately..haha
& i was really really dissapointed(something happen but i couldn't type it out)
After the dance, I straight away go to the GREEN CLUB's AGM as it was a new club and it was my sister's fren punya club..so ape blh buat..i pergi je le...
Later on ,Library here i come.I went to library with Jeen Yi & later on joined by my granpa(soon) , calvin & lastly Victor.
Thought of doing my reports there for malysians study,mana tao....I was there Syok sendiri with granpa. Laugh-ing & giggle-ing none stop.god we made hell lots of noise & hell lots of stupid jokes...
Security of the library has been paying attention all these while.So finally I Shut my mouth,but it just could't stop me,hahahhaa
Jeen yi went for her DJ slot( HAPPY BIRTHDAY), she was looking forward to it as she told me earlier that she wanted to make Double D sing happyyy birthday song..haha
Then I requested for DJ Genie In The Bottle to sing TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR..not that easy.The song must relates with Double D.Darn funny.
Well after Jeen Yi's Dj session,we sort of picking her up and walk straight back to our hostel and wash up.

Dats all for mondaysss

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yes the unthinkable happens.
On the 23rd july was our NANI mama B'DAY,
we ought to give a lovely suprise from our group( mostly from kepong's )
we bought a cake,a OREO CHEESE CAKE!
plus on that night we have test on information system & multimedia which im not gonna tell how i did in that particular mid term test.Wat i could say is the test is OKAY le....
okie come back to the point,after the test, we thought of celebrating her BDAY,but but but she went out to celebrate wif her family which of cos it is far more vital than friends.
So we sort of date her at 11pm to celebrate the last hour of her BDAY.
So the night still long,I and JEnnyi plan to go for the AGM of archery where I thought they are selecting high - com which is actually not and
DJ club meeting falls on that particular time also
So we decided to leave the Archery and hit it to DJ club ( A&P ) meeting.
Later on we straightaway go to HB1(guys hostel's canteeennn) to meet up with the rest of the kepong's( ah soon , calvin , yun wai , victor ) to celebrate nani's BDAY.
got we had been waited so lik an hour until 11:45pm,most of us are freaking piss off already cos evrytime we called nani up,she will says on my way on my way (hate ppl say like that),
but I dont blame her,its not her fault at all for being late cause she has no idea of the suprise we intent to give her.
It was 12:10am which is not her bday anymore,so i cut the cake into half n another half to quarter and distribute the cake to the guys.While eating,suddenly nani appear!!!
we was like god! cos we ate quarter of the cake.
So we follow the plan as usual ( dont care how is de cake looks like),we still sing BDAY song to nani.
I took small part of the cake and put it into nani's mouth
AND thats when the caka attack happen.I sort of like started it first.
tee hee.
everyone was doing OREO CHEESE CAKE ATTACK to each other.
I had on my hair ,clothes and most importantly my face.(thanks to ah soon n calvin for doing it)
then groupie picture,i was so ready for the pic until wen the cam clicks,ah soon put CAKEY to my face.!!!!!!! i was like arrrr.........................................
We left the place around 2am....haha wash up wash up..
i washed my hair three times but the OREO CHESS CAKE SMELL still there.

picture timeeeeeeeee....

Life is for Living.

I had dinner with Eric,Ee Teen, Eica, n VInny nearby our campus which is OLD TOWN because we totally had no idea wat to have for our dinner plus we are so bored with the food they have in campus.
As usual I & Ee Teen(my lost twin sister from another mother) start cam-whoring.
we stated out normal...jus a simply smile from our sweet little heart.
GOsh!!! look at de cheek bones & the smile...freaking look alike man...
Then change target..take with VInny....
To make front page,we sort of did something extraordinary....

Ee TEEN"S angry lookie........muahahahah

Saturday, July 12, 2008

MY lost twin sister!!!

Look at the picture and tell me....do we realy look alike? as in two pea in a pot...

Picture myself as her is a thing that i could not imagine.

Her eyes ball were bigger than mine and her ***** are bigger than mine.

Most of my frens mistooken her,Ee Teen as Cecilia.

hahha...but as period goes by,i find myself kinda linked & clicked.

OUr characteriscis are almost the same....is kinda fun hanging out with her.



Saturday, July 5, 2008


We remember the days,
We sat out together with faith?
Remember the times, so fine,
When we thought that nothing could stand in our way?
Then things weren't the same,
The life that we knew had to change
We've struggled through the darkest storms,
We thought we couldn't tame
Together we've tried,As we stood side by side
I knew we'd build a new world,A world of hope forever after
Deep in my heart I just know,
right from the start we will grow
Look where we are,
we've come so far and there's still a long long way to goAll of my heart,
I will care.I'll play my part,
I will shareWith family and friends,
together we'll standAnd in the end, hand in hand,
We will get thereSo now we begin,
working together to winBelieving in trust,
it must be possible to overcome anything.There's so much to do,
There's so much we can contributeBy sharing just a little love,
We will start again a new
So why don't we try?If we stand side by sideI know
we'll build a new world,A world of hope for ever after
Deep in my heart I just know,
right from the start we will grow
Look where we are,we've come so far and there's still a long long way to goAll of my heart,
I will care.I'll play my part,
I will shareWith family and friends,
together we'll standAnd in the end, hand in hand,
We will get thereAll of my heart,
I will care.And in the end, hand in hand,
We will get there