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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DE fun,,

Yesterday was really really tiring day(28/7/2008)
As I & Jeen yi were bulk-ing up to finish our CRITICAL THINKING GROUP ASSIGNMENT where it is due by 3pm on that very same day.We even skip our management class for that particular assignment & luck were by my side, we managed to get our fren to sign our attendence.
It is very hectic seriously.
It was a total chaos too.
But finally we did finish our ASSIGNMENT on time.Not even done,we got to print it & even bind it as there is marks for neat-ness.
Well Eric is my group leader for de assignment,I & Jeen yi suggested that we ask him to pay(triple the price) for all those printing & the rest as he is not even committed to the assignment.
DARN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I din't even want to look at him super innocent face.FUCK off!
Let not talk about him,continue.... my critical class ended at 5pm.
So I headed back to my room asap cos I got to attend social dance at 6:30pm.
The teacher taught salsa moves...no pic unfortunately..haha
& i was really really dissapointed(something happen but i couldn't type it out)
After the dance, I straight away go to the GREEN CLUB's AGM as it was a new club and it was my sister's fren punya club..so ape blh buat..i pergi je le...
Later on ,Library here i come.I went to library with Jeen Yi & later on joined by my granpa(soon) , calvin & lastly Victor.
Thought of doing my reports there for malysians study,mana tao....I was there Syok sendiri with granpa. Laugh-ing & giggle-ing none stop.god we made hell lots of noise & hell lots of stupid jokes...
Security of the library has been paying attention all these while.So finally I Shut my mouth,but it just could't stop me,hahahhaa
Jeen yi went for her DJ slot( HAPPY BIRTHDAY), she was looking forward to it as she told me earlier that she wanted to make Double D sing happyyy birthday song..haha
Then I requested for DJ Genie In The Bottle to sing TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR..not that easy.The song must relates with Double D.Darn funny.
Well after Jeen Yi's Dj session,we sort of picking her up and walk straight back to our hostel and wash up.

Dats all for mondaysss

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