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Thursday, August 28, 2008

So critiCally assign

CRITICAL THINKING ASSIGNMENT is the least thing i could think of it right now...
Eventually it could be the most easiest assignment of all the rest of the assignment.
But not to mention that this particular assignment must include something about fallacies that involve personal's lifestyle.(

What is critical thinking?
Sounded pretty easy and interesting yet numerous of student fail in this particualr subject.
Of cos look at those question that they set in the exam paper.Pretty tough!!!

examples of question:
1. what is critical thinking?
2.how you apply crtical thinking in your future career?
3.Write an argument about ' Student athlets should be given special leniency when the instructure assigns course marks."
4.Define Semantic , Declarative argument and etc...

This is how exam looks like but of cos it will slighty differ than the previous exam

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