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Friday, August 22, 2008

Indeed worth the funssss

Hey are some ways to annoy your roomates if you feels bored at the weekend in campus!!!
Hard Boiled Eggs - Boil some eggs and begin eating them. Then ask your roommate if he/she wants one. If they say yes, give them an unboiled egg. Then watch as they crack it open. (This works lols)
Shampoo Bottle - Glue their shampoo bottle shut so they can't open it.Ping Pong Balls - Put a bunch of ping pong balls in an open box and tilt it at an angle against a closet door or cabinet from the inside, so when your roommate opens the door the ping pong balls will all spill out.

Food Coloring - Put some food coloring inside their hand soap dispenser. When they try to wash his hands, they will end up messier than before they decided to wash them.

Salty Toothpaste - Sprinkle some salt on your roommate's toothbrush. When he/shes person goes to brush their teeth, they will get a salty tasted treat.

Baby Powder On The Ceiling Fan - Pour some baby powder on the top side of a ceiling fan. When your victim turns it on, there will be baby popwder everywhere!

Soap Prank - Coat your rooommate's bar of soap with nail polish and let it dry. When they try to use it, they will go nuts trying to get it to lather up.

Hope you enjoy doing this...Make sure u appologize after the prank worked because you dont want to make them pissed off..............

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