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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Keeping beautiful friendships.

Friendship are one of the most beautiful things to happen to human kind. It's wonderful to feel related to someody whom we aren't related to.

Everyone is busy but if we had this desire of mantaining friendship,we should be proactive.

This is what I & my sisters did in order to maintain our sisterhood.

  • we listen to each other

  • we do not put each other down or hurt other's feeling

  • we try to understand each other's feling and moods

  • we help each other solve problem

  • we give each other compliment

  • we could say disagre without hurting each other

  • sisters are dependable

  • we respect each other and are trusworthy

  • we give each other roo to change

  • we care bout each other.

I tried to be understanding enough that there are some parts of the life that I couln't be apart of.

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