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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speak up people!!!

Here I am blogging for this particular odd hour which is so not me.
I had tutorial class for critical thinking class at 8am.
Yes it is,we had outdoor activities again by Mr Nicky Aka Nick Yee.What we did was each of everyone of us were divided into group 1 , 2 and 3.
So group 1 will be perfoming a sketch on Happy Ending and Group 2 on funny sketch and my group 3 will de performing Malaysian style sketch but all based on Mr Nicky's story.
So as usual im crazy gal(named by Mr Nicky) were selected auto as a leader and what I had to do is get ideas from each of my group member and combine it to yield a sketch.
GOD!!!! looks like im the only person who talks in that group.(i need my group back, no offends I just dont fit into quite and silence mode cos its so not me)
Aiks, cant blame them also...so yes I did the outline of the sketch most of the time.
I did Malaysian Style in Chef part.
here are some I did....

Once John Walker left the bar, he isolates himself in an unknown Kampung named " Kampung Spicy ". In an instant he baecame a well-known chef in that village as for him specialties in Ketupat ans he ways he cooks it.
John Walker wipe his sweat using his hand and with de same hand to take the ingredient.
Using other hand, he dig his nosetril and put it into his mouth and with the same hnd he stratched his neck...

Sounded disgusting??
Well thats so me...crazy gal.

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