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Saturday, September 27, 2008

GG Boy Calvin B'Day...

Kinda rushing back from a movie Pathology which rated 3/5 from Sunway Pyramid with my GG boy Calvin.* winks*
So gotta rush back to MMu to pick the rest of the guys and I went for a quick change.
We planed to have dinner and the club as today (26/8) is my baby boy Bday...
CEO aka Yun Wai cam-whore with us in the car.

2nd attempt was not really nice as you can see Calv is not ready.
Finalized with my GF, Genie here.
the reflection of GG Boy as he always cam-shyIntroducing the driver of the day, Victor and the assistant driver, CEo
Reached Puchong area and everyone is being indecisive for which reast to eat. So kinda get piss off a little so end up chossing this Restoran Taiping Lang which is famous for nyoya food.

Peek-a-boo for the Taiping Lang's enviroment..It gives a 60 till 80an feeling.

So then Genie made an order od cincao jelly drink.***thumbs Up***

Everyone just loves it.

The delactable food arrived..

Overall the price is very resonable....We had our dinner for $68.80 for 5 person and each and everyone of us is so full.
So after the dinner, we headed to Sunway Pyramid again yes.Pictures on a total candid them.

I wonder what is Victor is looking. Is it his tummy or something else..

And Ceo checkin out something I dont really know.
Me and my girlfriend.
Me & him.

Finally end up in bowling...everyone is waiting for their turn.

Bday boy showing his bowling skills..and of cos he won the game.

Victor's smile shows that his bowling ball masuk longkang edi..

CAM-whore with my Darling..

After bowling, we headed off to Euphoria.We been like waited for 30 minutes but still the queue is killing me plus the look of these 3 guys sowing that they are indeed bored of waiting. We left the place and headed to Coco Banana.

This is what I get him for his Bday present..total hand made

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