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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ipoh@ Weird POSES

JUst the other day, Genie sent me few pictures of them with various kinds of weird poses.
I really get me in the mood and its a serious laugh factor.

OKie we got Leong's pic with his signature cam-whore pic.**he always does dat**
Here obviously showing musclessss...de funniest pose was Genie where she says dat she got no muscle to show but oni fats and Calvin is so palpable that he got nothin but Chicken Breast.
Indeed cute girls we have here. I do loves the pose of LEong's where sexy legs are shown , CEo acting innocent and Calvin's flowery pose which i think its so GAY.Everyone with their own signature poses except for that Calvin(I dont think dats his signature pose after all)
Ceo, Victor, Genie , Lun Wei are own stance but I doubt about calvin(he tries hard to act cute and seriouly we got to giv a big clap for him for trying out)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fake Rm50

Spotted two diff Rm50 with diff signature.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Aint 21st after all....

I am 19+ going to 20 on coming 6th november but then too bad I gotta celebrate my 21st bday already cos mummy said as chinese we got to follow lunar calendar and blah blah blah..........................................................................................................................................................
Nothing really special except for those gifts I recieved and of cos the pictures!!!

First shot on that night**wif my sis**

Issac aka sis's bf with his extreme cute's look.

picture with my mom's side family.

wif my dad's side family.

mom's working on her ''way to make an entrance'' samantha cecilia alex..
alex aka lil bro wif mia aka sis

my beloved sister...

from left: lee ching samantha crystal cecilia angeline and pei yun

another shot of us where mia n crystal are not even ready yet..

me and my cousin sis....ps she is 28( I know she looks young).

beloved trinity.

issac angel calvin cecilia nic kim pei yun angeline crystal MOM
my ex secondary classmates...loves demagain my baby sisteron our serious momulticolour ussss
brother sisters and boyfriends......

do agree with me that my baby boy's weird look.....

Do Re Me aka 1sis 2nd sis 3rd bro

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chocolate Lounge @ 1 Utama

Another date with my baby boy and my girlfriend.
We decided to try out Chocolate Lounge and here we are.........................

Souffle De Paris

Cold Chocolate Beverage -Frozen Chocolate Mocha Frappe -ideal brain freeze drinks for summer or for the adventurous in winter .

Hot Chocolate in Dark Beverage -famous Hot Mugs where a flame keeps your chocolate hot till the last drop.

Black and White Chocolate Cheese.

shepard's pie( Highly recommended)

After having those mouth-watering chocolate, cam-whore with my girlfriend.

Later that we headed to curve ,GUESS to get Genie's Belated Birthday Gift and of cos she gets her GUESS purse as a gift.
Then we decided to go to my baby boy's place and chill out.So Genie as a photographer took few picture of me and my baby boy...He thought it was a candid one that why each of those picture he did not look at the cam..ishhhhhh
baby boy says that he's not paying attention to the cam.

Silly face of his make me wanna LOL!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Been waiting for like 2hour since 1pm till 3pm for baby boy to pick me up to 1u..
Kinda frustrated seriously.Imagine you gotta wait for few hour especially the other part of yours.
But then kinda have this weird feeling of merry when I saw him standing in front of my house.
So he sits a while before we leave as I know he is tired.
We headed to 1u as planned. Baby boy met his old secondary classmates there and his fren could recognize him as the guy who put the dvd smt smt smt.**funny shit**
Then meet up with my girlfriend Genie and her date of the day Hanif.
It just an hour since I reached 1u, then Genie suggested to Sri Hartamas for shop at Cat Whiskers boutique...
We reached there and it was kinda rain cats n dogs, so baby boy and I stayed in the car.
Later on Genie asked for dinner together at Souled Out.So here we are....

Genie busy-ing looking at menu
Genie definetly loves it as she do not to worry bout her kids when she's busy dining...haha
Hot chocolate.
Dragonfly juice-signature juice
(Detoxifiying & Power juice)
Chicken Cordon *BLURZZ*
Not in the Menu....

Dang dang dang these pic below are total candid by me me me........ Baby boy look so cute.....
my girlfriend Genie
Hanif aka Genie's date..his tounge damn huge man!!!!
Back home around 11pm and right after baby boy left, I camwhore with my newly tank top choosen by baby boy
I like it and I like it and I like the way I like it....*tee Hee*