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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ipoh@ Weird POSES

JUst the other day, Genie sent me few pictures of them with various kinds of weird poses.
I really get me in the mood and its a serious laugh factor.

OKie we got Leong's pic with his signature cam-whore pic.**he always does dat**
Here obviously showing musclessss...de funniest pose was Genie where she says dat she got no muscle to show but oni fats and Calvin is so palpable that he got nothin but Chicken Breast.
Indeed cute girls we have here. I do loves the pose of LEong's where sexy legs are shown , CEo acting innocent and Calvin's flowery pose which i think its so GAY.Everyone with their own signature poses except for that Calvin(I dont think dats his signature pose after all)
Ceo, Victor, Genie , Lun Wei are own stance but I doubt about calvin(he tries hard to act cute and seriouly we got to giv a big clap for him for trying out)

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