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Friday, October 17, 2008

Cyberia Mamak

A big dayyyy for MR BRABRA aka Victor.
Has been planning this suprise party with dearest Suyi.
As usual to our fav spot *mamak at cyberia*...
and kinda lazy to elaborate...lets the picture do all the talking for me aites......

Different angle of the amarican brownies*choco*

Vic taking his time to do some survey on the brownies*perhaps the wording dat did*

Of cos how could I forgot to take pic with bday boy.

Vic says**Im so prepared!! come on sing me a song**

Ladies in the house SUYI LYNDA

Groupie pic is a to-do -list before the singing song begin...kakaz

Victor was lik saying I wan to take with girls le...okie we get you and wish come true

A little snap on Aini suyi LYnda
Calvin and jason was like * sign THis is how he make an entrance*

VIctor and Jessyyyy

Finally we sing him songs in english mandarin and malay(kinda weird) and Victor lupa make WISH le....dats so stupido him..

NExt remove those 40years old candles...

Finally cut it into pieces and distribute to each and everyone of us....

Not really vic do that, I did the cutting brownies okie

Vic & Lynda apply choco mask on their face..(thanks to me & Genie doing sucha great job at it)
LAstly but not the least Genie Victor Cecilia

After cleaning up all the mess, we head to our old spot

Swimming pool at cyberia...as usual unusual activities.........

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