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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hunting for Christmas GIft

Felt loved in the early morning.
Lovey home-cooked breakfast prepared by my super -duper hottie mummy.
Since mummy going out for facial treatment, Im going out too...HUNT FOR CHRISTMAS GIFT wat else. haha Yes I know,I goes shop every weekend. Wat to do? Im in spending addiction.....................
& Of cos I would try to find some time for shop no matter how busy I am.
Bought Calvin Klein, La Senza , Promod, Diva & lastly unbearable Starbucks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Same Old Routine

Class ended way early for tutorial class..so one bunch of Fom student pergi for lunch opposite de swimming pool.
& opps mr Dear were wif him frens too.
Consequently after lunch, we gossip, we laugh lik a mad cow & we cam----whore.
Kiddo Vs Old man
MR Old man's reaction damn siao.
me & leong leong( he looks way better now)

SHow ur teeth !!
duh, know dear eye freaking BIg kay until de train line is obviously seen.

how could I forget my GF here, GEnie
late comer for lunch Victor
Mr Dear asked for a swim in the evening, & he was lik '''lets got for a lap & see who could swim faster'''. I definetly dont even bother wat he said, as if i has stamina for swimming.

o dear o dear, u has a chicken breast edi!! no need surgery already kay:)

As usual, to library at nite. Dont get me wrong , Im not a book worm!

book & lappie??? told ya im not a bookworm

dear was so obsessed in it.

Lastly Grace reading Gadgets Mag

Will Your Guy Cheat on You?

Dating Factor: His Background

Was he spoiled as a kid?
Do his parents tend to baby him and help him out of financial jams?
Has he ever bragged about cheating on an exam or paying someone to write a paper for him in college?
If your man seems to have sailed through life without ever hitting the rough waters that rock the rest of us, beware. Privileged chaps tend to suffer from a sense of entitlement (read: bratty-boy syndrome), so he may believe that the rules don't apply to him. He's so used to getting what he wants, why should he stop now?
"He might cheat because he thinks he deserves to fulfill all of his needs, no matter who he might hurt," says Shirley Glass, Ph.D., a psychologist, infidelity expert and author of the forthcoming "Not Just Friends: Protecting Your Relationship from Infidelity and Healing from the Trauma of Betrayal." "He probably has little concept of how upset you would be if you found out because he's too self-centered to think about your feelings."
So how do you know if your have-it-all hunk has other women on his wish list? Glass suggests paying attention to how he copes when he's confronted with any bad behavior on his part. Does he regret getting caught forwarding your racy emails to his friends but feel no guilt for doing it in the first place? Does he blame others when he screws up rather than take responsibility himself? If he can't see how his actions affect others, he's not likely to say, "Whoa, what about my girlfriend?" when temptation strikes.

Dating Factor: His Friends

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The '''Pancake'''

Dinner been so boring past few week cos its always either HB1, Hb2 o cyberia.
So Genie suggested of going to Padi (beside Old Town)....we walked there aites(pretty darn far).

so pictures do the overall talks here.

spot tomato source..wondering who did that.

yet again another tomato bottle .

so that's the one who disturbe us.

victor pretty excited.

So after dinner, we walked back to MMU's hostel..& on the way back sort of Ceo dare Vicky to lie down on the road. Gosh there is cars everynow & then. SO we got crazy & we start doing..........

Ceo & Vicky was like snap our picture quickly as the bus Is comin to thier side & Ceo strongly says that he doesnt wan to be like a '''Pancake'''

Genie & I ( viewing breathtaking scenery) PFFF**I bet

Lastly Calvin, erm its Vicky's idea on asking calvin to pose like dat.Vickky wanted Calvin to do Hardcore Gay where obviously Calvin has no potential in it ( mayb yes mayb no)

that's all for today.ciao

Sunday, November 23, 2008

TeppanAjiIchiban@ Damansara Uptown

Since daddy&mummy going for their Qi gong's Anniversary dinner, I guess I gotta settle my own dinenr with my lil bro.
Plus dear now In johor attending relative's wedding dinner.

Daddy bought it just for dinner.....BLACK LABEL LIMITTED EDITION & MACALLAN. god I wonder how does Black Label limitted edition taste like

went over damansara uptown & shop lil.After that did a random choose for a japanese restaurant.(since I tried Hokanno & U-Maiya) & thought of trying out others , so here we are.....................

while waiting to be served..

establishing a transient camwhoring.


In some ways, playin wif shades...

The main course... & the side dishes................

like this the most...*crabstick*

Overall I prefer the side dish more than the main course....& cost bout Rm70++...

Saturday, November 22, 2008


home finally......
Spotted a disturbia aka mia brother.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Home-cooked loves

Making up on the hippie era, and Im not built like that.
A free spirit all I had before this & it took me a long time to realise bout it.
so all de crappin done, back to the crux topic of all....

Im in the middle of the class & obivously not paying too much attention**Multitasking**
I took dis pic during the break....i know how to think aites.
a wild guess on which girl on trench dress and heels on....

let the cat out of the bag shall we...Genie who else & spotted Patrick sitting bside her. well lonely guy? not anymore.

leong out from the loo.

a snap on my lecture...
Its a 4hour class & it ended at 8pm...tiring & exhausted..bla bla lba.
& sadly to say by tonight Genie & Dear goin back home today. Left me N Vicky Icky Micky.Before going back, a dinner with the family together.

Genie & Cecilia :)

& A billion thanks to GEnie's mom for making us macaroni cheese...felt loved*** loves ya.

the overall look of it....looks **yummy**

kay:)) see vicky is so greedy until he forget to feed leong (he's so ready already)..

this time better...they look lovely ? dont dey....:)

& leong felt lonely out of the blue...the reason behind this emo-ing.







gosh vicky how could you be so cruel to leong, he's texting!!!
wat more important than Leong.come on.

Tagged BY Mattie

1.The last person to tag you is?
Erica &&&& Cmc...
2. Your relationship with him/her?
Ex-classmates && UNI-mates...
3. Your 5 impression towards him/her?
Erica( cute, funny, outgoing girl) & CMC ( loves to help ppl)
4. The most memorable thing that he/she has ever done for you?
Cmc loves cooking & used to cook and bring it to me & jenny makan...kakaz
5. The most memorable words that he/she has say to you?
CClia...swt i kno!!1
6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will??
No way..not into lesbo & gays type relationship.
7. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...??
Well way to impossible unless we were involve in a huge fight plus I totally anti=enemy.
8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on...?
Well the way CMC reacts...
9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is...?
He or she is a backstabber or who loves making up stories which so a total BITCH.
10. The most desirable things to do for him/her is...?
well I gotta rethink bout that.............
11. Overall impression towards him/her is...?
Both of them total charming in their own way & loves being their frens
12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
haha..... well I do heard lotsa rumours bout me in campus as in kakaz In terms of popularity...
13. The character of you for yourself is?
well not gonna say anything....i remember my tutor said dat Im a total CRAZY gal.
14. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
well not having sufficient General Knowledge.**upgrade**
15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
Iron lady in future.
16. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them.
I love UUUU
17. Bra or panties?
good one, i wan it both**kakaz** women's inner secret.
18. Chocolate or ice-cream?
Can I choose both as both damn yummy**but then chco is my 1st option but still I wan ice-cream too...
19. 10 people to tag.
1. Angelina
2. Baby JuJu...
3.Leong Leong
4.Lil brobro``Edmund
5.Nani Mama
6.Tee Juan Boyyyy
8.Double D
9.Cmc```mia so called uncle
20. Who is number 2 having a relationship with? not sure boh......
Is 3 a male or a female? MALE.....If number 7 and 10 got together? duh no lesbo pls....
21. How about 5 and 8?
If not racies problem, should be okie...kakaz
22. What is number 1 studying about?
Economics in MMU
23. When was the last time you had a chat with them?
Seldon, Often, Everyday..........
24. Is number 4 single?
good one, he's my brother not sure bout that.
25. Say something about number 2.
ur so hot baby juju.
26. What do you think about number 3 and 6 being together?
well unless dey wan to involve into gay relationship....
27. Describe number 9.
well my fake uncle who loves cooking.
28. What will you do if number 6 and 7 fights?
I would loves to see......if possible

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pool area@ MMU

Changes in activities are most marked in the MMU.....indeed true.
After returning from a sweet tryst with my lecture ( class of cos )....Twin sister, Ee Teen asked for a swim in the evening where I do too wanna occupy my cranny in the campus where I got no where else to do plus wanna spent some time with my dearly loved Ee Teen.
So around 4pm, she followed me to STAD building to get the ticket before entering the pool area plus it dizzle dat time.
pictures picturessss...........
ee teen ran for shelter.

silly me comwhore...haha
After getting those tickets, went back to my lounge(my room) & change to swimwear outfit....
tee hee.....
I camwhore again..

The pool was 1.8m deep wei.....no jokes.
I do serisouly loves it but then it has been a long time since I swim.....do not hav those stamina like before.
having lotsa fun & of cos I did focus exclusively on my free-style**tiring**

Ee Teen ....Erica.....Eunice...
god!! whole body-ache...
This swimming practice must go on*** nex week le**