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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pool area@ MMU

Changes in activities are most marked in the MMU.....indeed true.
After returning from a sweet tryst with my lecture ( class of cos )....Twin sister, Ee Teen asked for a swim in the evening where I do too wanna occupy my cranny in the campus where I got no where else to do plus wanna spent some time with my dearly loved Ee Teen.
So around 4pm, she followed me to STAD building to get the ticket before entering the pool area plus it dizzle dat time.
pictures picturessss...........
ee teen ran for shelter.

silly me comwhore...haha
After getting those tickets, went back to my lounge(my room) & change to swimwear outfit....
tee hee.....
I camwhore again..

The pool was 1.8m deep wei.....no jokes.
I do serisouly loves it but then it has been a long time since I swim.....do not hav those stamina like before.
having lotsa fun & of cos I did focus exclusively on my free-style**tiring**

Ee Teen ....Erica.....Eunice...
god!! whole body-ache...
This swimming practice must go on*** nex week le**

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