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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Romantic sweet Morning walk.

Another preparation for my class, & here I am all dressed up & a little camwhoring will just do for the day.

Dinner time,
Only me , dear and Gf joining for early dinner cos my Gf will be attending a crucial meeting at 830pm as not to mention Ceo is sleeping & i bet Victor is sleeping as well.
After dinner, dear accompany me back to girl's hostel & we stopped by at Uranian's shop mart to grab drinks.

Dear got this BARBICAN -mart drink.
I tried some , been pester by dear!! not bad after all.

I think he got too tipsy i guess..kakaz& I hav this Pomegranate Juice....yummmy

GTG ASAP as got a date wif dear in library later on.
Glancing through the news as ''Ahem'' I know my General Knowledge is Low aites. oooooo and and came across this ''''TIPS HOW TO STOP YOUR DOG FROM BARKING''''.
I passed the paper to dear as he has doggies tooooo....& he says it doesnt help at all.

Been talking non-stop since I enter the library. ""ARGH''' concentrating now. IN way serious mood. But then mia serious mood does not last long......kakaz snappping pic all around
ding dong...dear
yea spotted my colourfull notes*winks*

So around 1130pm, we left the lib & we unite wif vicky & GF at hb1(guys hostel) cos dear & vicky is hungry already......
Later on, I had a romantic sweet early morning walk wif my baby gurl, Genie back to our room.
That's my gurl there.....
& that's you kno who..

How blissfull Im I right now?? kakaz

its 2am already..knocking off cos gotta early morning class later on...ciao.

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