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Saturday, November 1, 2008

SS2 @ Murni.

Living in harmony, mysterious and far I live and see the surface but a feeling something is under which is most commonly known as boring, dull, tedious, unexciting bla bla bla..............
It is just another day for me,,,,stated taking pic of my own excessively aka camwhore.kakaz
Mummy then asked me to accompany sister while she's doing her perming....
Hopefully It does really looks good on her..........pray hard to god!! Close up to her _________.
A killer for boredom- MAG..
a dumb look of my sis. kakaz. she's so gonna kill me if she saw this.
So after her hair perming, we decided to drop by at MIIK WHEEL to try out since we never really been there before. Mango Snow Cheese.
Another shot where its yogurt at the bottom and a total mango on the above.
Chocolate and Milk Tea.

I like the part where it's ice does not melt dat quick plus it is not that sweet after all.

Teasing on her driving skills....damn slow just lik her fren(turtle)

Its not the end of the chapter yet, dinner-ing at SS2-Murni with my gf aka Genie, BRABRA aka Victor and my dear aka Calvin.Seriosuly telling that was my very first time there.

He does that all the time no matter when and where.

candid of tor tor bra bra.
Genie with her cute hair cut+pose.
Roti Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

"Lat sei nya ma"" = Nasi Lemak. Seafood spaghetti with chicken maryland.

Mee Raja.

Strawberry Special.

Pink Panther- mix of banana and strawberry.

Mango special.
Before ordering Genie was telling us that she couldnt finish up the drinks but according to this picture, she kinda ....................................................................
So Bangsar Village is our next stop...wandering and lofting around the mall..
Genie and I tryin out ALDO, Vinci +, Zara for fun.
We stopped at Haagen-Dazz for ice cream. After trying out few flavour, Green tea was a choice for Genie and I choose strawberry.

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