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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Village Park @ Damansara Uptown

A last minute planning date with baby boy for lunch and movie.
Went over to his place( thanks sis for dropping me there) in de late morning.
We headed to CATHAY to buy movie tickets on MADAGASCAR and the ticket is selling real fast so we oni get to get second row from the screen, cant complain much though for makin gsuch last minute planning.Later on baby boy wanted to have lunch at Village Park Restaurant, Damansara Uptown for Malay food which is famously for their nasi lemak.So once we reached, there is numerous of people there queueing up with tables spilling outside the road.

Baby boy ordered nasi lemak with fried chicken and he says that ''It was the best nasi lemak I ever tasted, de rice is rich with coconut bla bla bla......''
Iced milo dinasour ( milo blended ) ...its something really different though
Not just emphasize on the funny faces that dear did, but then look at the crowd.

So after lunch , we headed back to CATHAY for our 130pm movie.
the movie real hilarious, I had been laughing out for the whole movie.I give it a rate 4 over 5 although baby boy rated it 3 over 5 oni....anywhere I enjoyed the movie and one verse which i could remember so crystal clear form the movie''I can move it move it''....

After the movie, back to dear's house. Something real embarrass and funny happen though. Bobby tried to lick me and I got frightend ang guess what I jumped on the sofa ( that's normal ) , better yet Dear's dad was sleeping on the sofa that I jumped on ( that's worst ).
I was lik OMG, and i kept apologizing, though uncle says its okay but then still felt guitly
So straight up to Dear's room and spotted Miss Jazline (cal'v younger sis) doin real business on counter striking.

Miss Jazline real tough chick.

kakaz a ???? pose from dear....

&&&&&& we camwhored.
I did it on purpose on making those pics real blur...That not de crux problem, to me it seems blur & lovely......

Next thing back home, while MSN-ing wif dear & frens, sis freaks me out.
She sang non stop, dont kno what had gotten into her.
& bad sister me I took a snap of her....
sorry sis but I gotta upload this pic here, indeed funny.

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