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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Been a good girl dis few days cos....................................
Final is been a love swaps to me where it is just next week, & I got to buck up to finish all the sub but- got to see how my brain works.
  • I got to date with my MR SEXY MICROECONOMICS which I gotta understand the theory of suppy & demand in the market.
  • MS MORAL STUDIES, indeed boring. Got to study religion stuff.
  • MR FINANCIAL PLANNING & WEALTH MANAGEMENT. got to study up bout insurance stuff, anything regarding finance.
  • lastly, MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION, erm bout communication le wat else. But then a questions on communicaton. I wonder how dey gonna ask

Monday, December 29, 2008

Its 3rd day of christmas(27/12), still in singapore.
its the last day in Singapore, time passes way so fast as lighting speed.
Prepare preparing prepared..it time to hit the road.

 Sun & rise everyone, a breakfast will jsut do the day. AS we are having breakfast with Uncle Andy again, so gonna miss him***
We went to Geylang 14 makan .

Thought wanna hava a nice *Keow teow* famoulsly in singapore ever since. SOBs** aint dat nice cos the soup tasteless...
FIne I shall not morns for that, be prapred to seeeeee BIRDS...yes birds
Im so mean , while daddy mummy lining up for tickets, I & sis bro camwhoring else where.

The same company**hearts dem**

Sis's same company.....yellow here & there
Presenting oursss ****@#$%^
O my bro a beautiful lady** kakaz** his same company of today.
Guys this is not real le of cos...we were like acting it out nia
Time for bird show, just right on time.
Im the volunteer of today......something at least everyone should try;

Close up parrot.

After the birdie show, we line again for train. Gosh see my mom's expression.
SHe kinda tired & been nagging on how long we had wait for the train..
A pic shot by my lil ow bro.
Mia & bro
So after the train thingy, we wlak respectively. Let the old old walk & the couple couple do thier thing.Luckly I got bro accompany.
Not sure until wen my bro gonna b lonesome again.

I visit my same company..kakaz** dey indeed so sososososos cute.

A pre shot of family potrait.
Erm well dont bother bout the thumbs up thingy. BEen forced by someone to do that. Definetly not pester by my family members

I bought new soft toy again.....His name is Mr bobo...my new extended family members....
Nini, Fifi & Bobo
Random shot
LOng hour driving, ass also flat already. Daddy drop by malacca for dinner before hitting abck home. I just cant wait to get home. My sweet sweet home. I miss the toilet. I miss the bed. I miss everyhting.

I know I had been childdish all the while, but then sister also had been that period.
SHe name her penguin MR Grey, cos its grey I perhaps.

Sis & Mr Grey sightseeing the Historical State, Malacca
Bro with my Bobo.

Its around 10pm already, & dad drop Issac at shell station so that his sis could just pick him up.
While waiting, mummy been so creative or not.
A newly wed couple Mr GRey & Bobo..hey itsnt gay marriage.
spot the church cross sign. Indicating a KISS( Keep It SHort & Sweet) ceremony of gay marriage.
Fat Grumpy Mr Grey
Bro happily toturing Mr Grey

Sweet shot of Mr Grey & Fifi & me....kakaz

okie ..gotta stop here. tatt