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Sunday, December 28, 2008

1st day of christmas.( 25/12)
well took off to Singapore for family vacation in early morning. 

I bring Fifi along to Singapore & also Nini
& yes he tag along also.
sister got mentally retarded out of the blue.

Our first stop......Happa Villa Temple.

yet my bro choose the big
& I choose the small type.
In other way round, bro choose to have a small to bully.

mi loves koala..**.i hope its real.Someday I hope to revisit Aust **

the pig's family. ** aint me**
Lastly family groupie pic is a must.
2nd shot of mia lovey-dovey family.

LAter that we check-in hotel. I would never bif dat my dad would book a room in Geylang street where everyone knows that those street were popular of prostitute.
Gosh I was shock at first place, but it was mom's idea as she wants us to see thier life.
Omg again...but yet its interesting to seee their life as I could seee right through my room's window.
The way they earn a living & see how those policeman do thier job.
Althoguht interesting to watch but yet I hate that place. Myb perhaps I dont get used those places as usually I was well pampered.
So a quick bath & we head for our dinner.
& daddy choose Lai Lai taiwan rest for dinner.

order order order...

After the dinner, we( sis, me , bro & issac) & dad mom walk respectively as Issac knew that way.
So he bring us particulary everywhere.

The view of christmas decorations.

here we are at suntech city.

I miss my chance on making wishes.
This gay couple is just so cute. They were hopping & singin happily.
So after we visit the city mall, suntech city...we head to Clarke Quay
The Read Bridge.

After walking for hours, its time to sit & relax with a glass of watever to quinch our thirst.
The Tapas Tree.....a spanish rest.

Strawberrry magarita.
Lychee Martini
Mocktail- Musqiche

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