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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2nd day of christmas. ( 26/12)
A breakfast at hawker centre.

Toman fish bihun.....* the soup is just nice but the fish is overlly too hard*

This stall was popularize where most of singapore's celeb used to visit.
After breakfast, continuing our journey to VIVO city.
Thought of heading to Sentosa but than loook at those crowd.
Since daddy & mummy were lining up to get tickets, my sis & I walk around the ViVo city 's park.

Beloved sis & I

LAter the camwhoring session, Issac bring us to the food court of VIVo city.
Nothin to say about jsut that Im impressed on the decoration of the Food court itself.

Our next stop, National Geographic.

The fish's fossil.

Daddy called up after they get those tickets.tata off we go to Sentosa.

daddy acting cute.

Yet again we walk respectively.
My bro will be my companience for today....or I be his companience ?? watever.
Our first stop SKYRIDE & LUGE. I got to play for 3 times straight cos bro wanted it so much.

Bro is afraid of height & im so mean teasing him all along.

Its LUGE time.....put on helmet. Safetly first as always.

Tiring & hungry ** bro claims that**.
Sand Bar will be our spot to chill out.

Gosh the Malibu drinks....

All of the above weren't mine as its way early to have Rum, Whisky, Vodka.
So i shall keep it to Coke.

Joined by sis & bf and dady & mummy.

my sweet sweet daddy & mummy.
Daddy & his girl.

Back to hotel for a quick bath, later on we will be having dinner with daddy's old pal, Uncle Andy at Chinatown.

Uncle Andy & Mr Benny
Uncle Andy & mia family potrait.
As usual we walk respectively again.But this time I requested for Suntech City as I wan to make a wish b4 i departure at Fountain of Wealth.
Public transpotation, MRT would be our choice.

Luckly we made it on time, but this time way too early cos they will be a pre show for 2hour till 930pm, so I decide to shop real lil.....** kakaz**
I shop whereever I go.

so as punctual 930pm, we were now at Fountain of Wealth making wishes...
  1. stretch your right hand out.
  2. make a silent wish.
  3. walk around the fountain for 3times.

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