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Friday, December 12, 2008

Bangsar Day Out.

A long run pestering session on Vicky aka driver of the day to drive us to Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.
I know he's too good to be true.**kakaz**. Well we did go there.
Vicky been asking why on earth everytime when he drives us, there'll be rain.
I was like who cares it rain or shines, as long Im out already.

So once we reached, we dumped ourselves to boutiques where Vicky & Leong will be waiting for us at MCd or perhaps We dumped them at MCD.
ANywhere straight to the business, we cam-whore al the while we shopped. who cares.

omg, i loves that PEDORA.

After shop for few hours & its like getting late already.I bet the guys screming for help as in they were hungry, crawling for food.We goes crazy a bit.
Genie, cecilia & Shu Ting ( Kuantan girl)
Leong & victor..this is how their cute looks like
& this is how our cute pose like.
Turn to serious business aka promoting MCD.
Leong & vicky's serious look...aint serisou look, using my chequebookwallet.

So the dinner, been thinking lots on where to have it..head cracking day.
SO......Here we are, LA BODEGA( opposite cat whiskers)
The overall look on LA BODEGA>

While waiting to be served, we goes sot plak again.

Sorry for the bad pictures on the food, my fon's cam not working as it used to be out of the blue.
The pink Guava juice.
My mocktails..my ex-virgin( combination of blackcurrent, kiwi & mango) loves it.

I didnt know they had a fling.....just kididng ppl.
Shu Ting..LEong...Cecilia.

Next stop, we wanna bring Shu ting( From Kuantan) & Leong( from Ipoh) to BAngsar Village, since dey never explore night life in any part of Kl before.
Vicky here with the so Pro look.
& Leong was so skimpy look....haha sorry buddy.

Went for shop again , this time ALDO, a leopard printed heels.
& on way out pass by Haagan-Dazz & guess who I saw..............
Serena C....Cecilia......Hannah Tan........*hey it rhyme*
A snap of christmas tree in bangsar** the christmas tree is made with plastic bottles** pretty impressive.

SO our nex stop, we are goin to LEong's usual Loo place.
Guess where???
SHANGRILA HOTEl.....haha Leong's ususal loo place.
Kidding...chill out there for few minutes

That's all for today.....

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