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Monday, December 22, 2008

Been so boring at home...bored till death seriously.

So just snapping on DIOR fragrances.........js loves it.

AS lil bro hanging out with his fren , & i got to fetch him go & back to 1u,

SO sis & I intended to camwhore at 1u as in the decoration there lorx.
We did lil shopping too...kakaz how could we even miss it lorz??? Its lik an drug addiction.
Here we are at forever 21.

Gosh I know I had been childish.

Sister & I..okie my leg look darn short compare with my sis

Acting indeed stupid in the fiting room..who cares anywhere?

This is what I got.- me, myself & I

Our next stop, since lil bro had been finish hangin out with his fren, its time for him to spent lil time with his sister aka me le.

our stop by spot...CHOCO LOUNGE>.....revisit.

After looking at those menus, we ordered & our number waiting number 12..

While waiting, heard nioses from the side of choco lounge, I wnet over & look, poossss few girls & guys doing break dance.

Back to the game, me & sis...i know diferent rite.

SO here is it, introducing the very one

Mississippi Chocolate Mud Pie- served with strawberry.

MS Coco Mocha Frappe.

German Strudel.( i dont really likes it, not my type)

After the choco feast, we wanna walk around sake burning calories***phewww yea rite.

The overview decoration in 1u

So as u guys know that, its winter solstice festival, of cos there will be family dinner too rite.

sea cucumber...

Shark fin soup...

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