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Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas wishlist of 2008.

Tagged by Mattie yet again...
SO my wishlist kinda difficult to _____________.
hehe...well yea I know Im greedy but what to do this is me as always.

  • First on my wishlist...tada. Yes Baby Dear...I couldn't celebrate with dear cos I'm going to singapore with family on christmas. It just sad cos I thought it is de first time we gonna celebrate together but **sobz**. Wish It just.................
no worries I celebrate early dis time...**kakaz**
  • Second, Wish my family lovey-dovey for no matter what where & so on. I'll be celebrating wif my family dis coming christmas.

  • Aha....Something regarding Qwerty fon. I loves QWERTY fon ever since!!! Im gonna just wait for daddy to buy for me **hehe**...but not dis QWERTY fon of cos...I wan it flip type.

  • Ooooohaha....a bag. Not just a bag. I want A LOUIS VUITTON. I know its difficult. I shall wait then since getting PRADA checkbookwallet soon..haha

Girl's best friend aka Diamond From Tiffany & co...yumylicious.loves it hearts it

  • Lastly but not the least..I wish I could see this moon & star again. I do not get to see it **sobz**

Santa santa...im waiting
O yea tag other ppl else.
1.mattie o mattie...ur in de first now.
7.nat nat
9.Khai San
10.Sing Tian

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