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Monday, December 15, 2008

Lil bro's 18th Bday

Yup finally my lovey lil bro turn legal 17 already on 14 Dec 2008.
Its a ritual lil birthday celebration with family.................
So a lil bit here n lil bit there for the preview on that day.

Celebrating lil bro's Bday at balcony.
The shot of the cakes....the Mix match secret recipe
not to forget the lil bro's pic.

SO the celebration started, time for bro to make wish-ey....
& wish again for the sake for the shot.
& yet wish again. ( not sure is there lotsa wish is he wishin)
Finally he blew those offf..........
as our family ritual....ANGPOW does the trick cos no idea on what to buy him.
Forgive my dad for the nose digging....he ermmmm no comment
Finally a nice shot of daddy n bro as mummy scolded daddy for nt being serious in taking pic
My turn now with my lil bro....

I did not giv him anything but I made a promise that I treat him the entrance fees for Sunway Lagoon for this coming holiday.
SO since there is no cutlery used, as mummy malas wash. My dad kinda start it way so right by just eating like that.
Fashionably mom using cake cutter for eating.
the exact cutlery we used that nite for............
Yea now you know how my lil bro utilise the cutlery.

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