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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A pre-christmas with my hub dear since we could not spent christmas together cos I will be in Singapore with family & Dear with family in cousin's house.
So Shang-rila will be our spot.

**winks** he was like de sun is hurting my eyes...come on a while nia

So our exchanging gift start right now......
Tada a Calvin Klein top for him.
& for me ...a Chocolate liqueurs......Dear was like this is a pre for you to practice your drinking skills....swt-nya.
I know i cant drink..just let it be alright..kakaz.

A few snap of us....

Breakfast buffet there before taking off.

So it has been months since I been to clubs...so my girls( GRace & Shu Ting) tag along for the club.
Thought wanna try out Euphoria since I never been there. Luck was not my side , it turns out that clubs open from wed till sun..
So again BARCELONA since the music & atmosphera there was way more better than COCO BANANA.
But b4 that, the girls ought wanan take few snap. 

HEre were are the BARCELONA>
Shu ting & Grace.
The drink of the day...Barcadi Lemon.

Hubb & I

Gosh Im sober yet again very fast.
Grace drank too much till she's drunk. 
a free drink from AMY, a girl I met at Barcelona.

We get back around 230am as Grace was really drunk & Shu Ting as way too tipsy already..
tata gotta sleep
Do upload more pictures as i need to get from shu ting.

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