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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

3rd day of CNY,
Hunting for red packet wherever we go**teehee**I know greedy me.
As we planned, first stop---> Wei Keat's house.
He thought us Mahjong , unfortunately Im over retard over this Chinese characters where I simply dont understand even he explains & even we play few rounds.( I give up).
LUCKY me, I met my old primary schoolmate, thanks god he stills remembers me.
MIss ya Chew 

the blured characteres..
Soon bro ended up playin wif Bk as he is not interested in cards nor Mahjong.
told ya, even explained by hottie sect, bro doesnt seems to underestand
After this, to our next station----> CEO's house.
We stay like few minutes cos we wanted to go over Vic's new hommie.
Wonder how does it look like??
Overall it gave an impression of showroom.
a pinkish with teddy pic on de bed sheet makes it so girly girl, so cute BUT it's Vic's bed for heaven sake. I doubt bout Vic's gender now... kakaz.
a huge large enormous mirror in living room. 
So we camwhored & that's whaat we do.

Cecilia & Victor aka de Host.
yes, Matt was so indeed famous for camwhoring with his cam.
Greddy him with 5 lappie,
Wonder y there is 5lappie???????
Those guys gaming there DUH!!!! 
I been so bored & its pretty late & de guys still gaming , so I make a decision on leaving first & so ngam ngam Jenny ask for dinner previously , so here I go.

----------------------do edit soon wen I get the picture from MATT---------------

Steamboat buffet Dinner at QQ near carefour with Jenny, Yuen Si, CMC, 2cousin of CMC & 2 fren of CMC.
a stupiak food posing requested from Yuen si..
thereAlign Center is grill as well.

 simmering pot with wide range of seafood selections::prawns, crab,fish,shells& lots more:::

the shell's variety

given with free ice cream
the babes helpin out givng out foods
Jenny with the XXXXXX pose.

Yes, Jenny been asking Y i eat lil/
cos I x berapa suka makan steamboat lorz. hehe
I left early cos I got to shower & get ready everything as Jenny n others are coming over to my house for pai nian.

drinks of the day::::::::TEA:::::::::::::
yok sendiri yuen si...
Peoples out there, wonder Y lots of pic of Jenny???
Cos she nia non stop comwhoring le, I know dia mao bagi si William tengok tu.haha
BAck of Me & Yuen Si( forgive her rudeness in sitting, she was way too comfy taking as her own house)
Camwhored with Angpao right after the Angpao were distributed.
Another one thing was bout this Abalone, Jenny crazy bout it & eventually ask me if my house ada Abalone makan ke tidak.

banyak-nya pisang CMC ada.

WIllaim !!! never leave ur women out there. cos she eventually miss ya every second.
weirdo ppl. dey come to my house online man somemore using my lappie.
There is one girl who I dont really fancy her attitude.
I dont really let ppl to use my lappie cos it's consider a private digital thingy to me, but this girl as k me to sign out my MSN cos she wanna sign in hers!! F her.
Did she ever ask me If I let!!!!!!!!!!!! fine. shall know how to deal with this type of ppl edi.
terbukti Jenny bangsai early morninglike 1am cos she ate hell lots of_______________.

I was Drink Drank Drunk.
aint mine, its CMC'c money

poser gila Jenny ( told ya Jenny camwhoring non stop)
Show me the Angpao Money money money
well bit to high edi, hey we aint prayin le
just playing kiddo fire crakers. I wanted to do LOVE shape but den gagal.
seriousness of our face on making the things work.
Finally we did it... Yes yes yes syok gila

this pic is a total candid, & i do adore this pic de most cos de pic looks alive to me.

come back fast fast, 
I damn mis u already


  1. i think ur post title should put 'critising jenny'. haha tak habis habis kutuk me leh!
    d kat chai i ate bout 6 only.. yuen si ate more!! wahaha i think d tea really help me bangsai lo. nice tea..hehe.

    basket! i look like siao po arr taking pic at d window..haha & our fireworks' pictures really nice leh!!

  2. duh duh duh banyak complaint betul.
    bising jua.
    mana ada kutuk, indirectly loving u more.
    u look lik those desperate housewives standin by de window waiting for husband back from whereever he is