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Friday, January 30, 2009

4th day of CNY.
Chinese New Year House- Visiting, visiting & more visiting.
This time with my Form5 classmates, our very------------------

1st stop--------> Chai Wah. ( didnt manage to get any pic cos we were way so busy gambling)
2nd stop--------> My house.
such a festive season, how could we forget to gamble huh.
Its okie to gamble on CNY, but den try not to cultivate these activities.
Gish I forget ur name already**sorry**
Its sook bin's fren o bf o husband ( I dont kno ). 
What I know is He's a banker for de day.

a tea session.
next banker-> Chai Wah ( argh see won over so much & I lose like hell )
How dare she do dat at my house***kidding***

3rd stop----------> Crystal's house. ( No gambling session here cos we like kept on losing).
                                     After a short visiting aunt, den off we go for lunch.
                                     A groupie pic b4 we leave the house.
e wish u a merry christmas......duh CNY

Cecilia & Crystal.
forget to intro de driver of today**Angeline**muack
Crystal & Pei Yun
we just so happy to make out in the car at Shell petrol station.
Pose requested by Crystal & I just follow de flow.

Off for lunch at Restoran Super Kitchen, bside Anuja (Metro).

It served with variety of noodles, both soup& dry as well. But thier main core singnature was spicy pan mee.
chili flakes & oil.

the soup
de dry.
Its all up to one's how much o lil to add to the noodles.
But since I could stand over spicy food, I took Big 4 spoon.
Mind to tell, de chili flakes its real spicy.
after de adding & mixture of chili flakes to the dry noodles.

3rd stop--------> Angeline's house.
this crazy horny rapist.
u know wat i meant.

4th stop-----> Sook Bin's house.
we gamble again this time Sook Bin's mom be the banker & I got one love 5 time in a row...
Finally I won most of my money back.

5th stop----------> Pei Yun's house.
6th stop---------> Zi yi's house ( my former student)

he big sister & I

introducing the pretty girl aka Zi yi.

End of the visiting, got to prepare ASAP for dinner wif family with sis's bf as well at 1u, Good Evening Bangkok.
Angelina & Cecilia
mom doing her usual job, ordering food.

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