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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back from Genting few hour back**teehee**
Hubby Honey been my driver all today & gonna join the others(Ceo, Levin, Victor, Genie) at Genting.
Hubby the Driver of Dearest today.
Me camwhoring while Hubby driving.**blekk**
the atmosphere, the heavy mist.

bla bla bla...disturbing him
not a random shot of cos, took dis sake for not forgetting where we park our car at.
US at one world hotel check in for the others.

So after checkin-in, hubby & I join the others in the theme park.
& I met new fren there who claims he chat wif me before in MSN***I was erm I dont remember**..anywhere his name is Wee Keat.
Random on guys
Me & baby Genie in booth..
snap 2 of Girls.
okie its so MEAN to do dat to CEO lik dat.. ^^nanti dia mandul^^
left: Calvin, Ceo, Victor, Genie, Wee Keat, LEvin
shoot 2
my turn now...left: Ceo, Victor, Cecilia, Genie, Wee Keat, Levin
us posing nia.
posing gila nia
shot 3 of us from MMU CYBERJAYA
Kepong gang.
Kepong Ulu gang.
random shot
seriously I giv up on this Cup thingy, make me so dizzy & so wanna puke lik hell man.
Those Victor, Ceo & Wee Keat can tahan GOSH****
me camwhoring while waiting for others to finish up the COCKSCREW.
Not that I dont wana play, I did 1st round but those guys crazy goin for 2nd round so I b cameragirl a while
Shot of hubby in 1st row.
spot ceo
excited after thier 2nd round.

So after the COCKSCREW, we wanted to go for those slow steady one, one Dinosaur it is.
Hubby & I
shot 1: GEnie & I..*** Genie not prepared at all.
2nd shot: hehe US USUSUSUS
from left: Genie, Levin, Victor & I
from left: Wee Keat, Ceo, Levin , Genie.

Done waiitng, phff thanks to me le kept on giving ppl first due to our big number of ppl- 7 man.
& finally in boat.
from left: Calvin, Victor, Levin, Ceo
shot 2: ahem Ceo weirdoposes.
Kay we were gave info bout Dino from invisible fren.
Shot of hubby **hehe
okie Ceo vandalising, 
NOOB!!! refering himself
kay we got it, Ceo is NOOB, we got it. understood
crazy ppl, doing crazy poses.

the couple of the day: Calvin & Cecilia
ookie baby Genie, Im nt sure wat sort of pose ur doing & wat ur tryin to do
the ladies & erm Lady too???????????????
ooo us again. the lovebird
we are not silly of cos, we are waiting for the small tiny deinty foundation to pops out.
finally, here it comes.

off to don kno wat, but pity Victor , he couldnt play cos he OVERWEIGHT, max 70kg.
sorry vic, you just have to wait & see us play nia.
Ceo & Wee Keat.


ooo.. I got de best shot hehe** hey also has love shape le
Back to foundation............................................................................................................................
So since de others are goin back to room for packing & changing, hubby & I having our slight meal for jsut fill our stomach.
our Breakfast+Lunch+Tea time.

After those BrunchTea, we off to Choco Beryl's.
berry package girl
got to read DICTIONARY of Beryl's/.
hubby got to read lotssssss too..

o... our pic of today****we ask random ppl to take for us.

NEXT, since we are taking off soon soon, so we take a Boatcycle but den luckly us we saw the guys there( duh thought dey at hotel room pulak).

Me in hubby jacket.

this is the LOVE we have.
groupie pic for BUMPER BOAT time.......& Im de camera girl taking pic here there & everywhere

So this time, de guys off to thier room cos dey wanna go bath. So hubby & I take off some real romantic & slow one to chill us while we can steal some time alone.
This is why I LOVE YOU.

Hubby insist of taking pic of me in booth alone.
nows Hubby 's turn.

Us quickly take the antique car for a ride.
im so not ready le hubb.

thanks to the ppl who inchange of the thingy & taking such a beautiful pic of us

So its 6:20pm, & we heading off back to kepong cos I don wan HUbb to drive at night: way to dangerous. We planned to hav dinner at KEpong baru market there nearby.
Asam Laksa:: Spicy Yet sour
spicy wantan noodles


  1. looking hot babe.
    wan date i sat go shopping ok mo?

  2. okie okie...den c ya on sat.
    hey u fetch me yea hehe.
    b4 go shoppn v c our advertisment clip first le