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Monday, January 26, 2009

Clock strike 12am, a wish Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

A Big big Angpao dat I finally desire from my lovey dovey daddy,  LOVE U DADDYBold
A tradition ''balik kampung'' as wat most of the people do unless ur from LOCAL.
Slept pretty late due to smthing but den right after 3hours of sleeping, woke by my brother as its time to hit the road to mia kampung , Bentong, Pahang.
Before that, a lovey reunion breakfast at home b4 hitting off to Bentong & sis de driver of today.
We reached bout 11am, & a great to grandpa & granda ( Its a must if u wanna ANGPAO***kididng)
my grandma's specialities---------DUCK
its finger licking good, dad & sis kept on eating & of cos I as well having it also.

While waiting for sis to finish her lunch, a photography session with the family Chui.
test around on the lighting
top: sis, bro, daddy, mummy , I
below: 1st granny, grandpa, 2nd granny
(wonder 2granny?? duh cos grandpa ada 2 isteri)

Family potraits its way over, so now its our cousins turns.......
JUliana is my 9th uncle's daughter.I do have lots of cousin where most of dem also I tak pernah jumpa also.

PPl been visiting relatives & I been watchin drama ( I bring along my lappie too)
Juju with my doggie.

In case u guys tak tao, Bentong was famously for home made ice cream.
It was once in Metro, Star section before. Since Im back here, how could I ever miss this chance rite::::

After the ice cream thingy, seriously dis year CNY pertty damn bored( dont kno why).
I had been disturbing my 2cousins here, talkin bout thier life in Love & studies as well ( I know, lame one but interesting as well cos we never been like that althought dey stay in the same area)

this is Joel, my younger cousin's bro aka 9th uncle's son.

DInner pretty early:::530pm:::, dont even know why on earth makan so early cos we just had our ice cream 2hours ago....
A shot of impatient Joel
A tradisional reunion dinner.....

After the dinner, next stop to my 2nd uncle's house ( also at Bentong). Spotted my other cousin as well & 1st, 2nd, 3rd aunt there.
My cousin's baby lil girl named ASHLEY ( a month old )
TAlking bout daddy, daddy loves kids for ever since. 
Whenever he saw kids, he goes crazy (playing around with dem, bla bla bla)
Cecilia, Ashley, Ashley's bro, Angelina

Though it's been a boring day
but Im happy to receive Angpao
especially from daddy&mummy.
Love u

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