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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gathering of my form5 frens at my house....**miss them much much**
A suprise for me dat nite, Ying Zhi was here too, argh missy her cos she been studying in Taiwan for long time & finally I can meet her after a year plus.
Pictures of the nite......
a white wine, but too bad it expired so we changed it to Ribena & 7-up.
top: Pei Yun-Emily-Ying Zhi-Crystal-Angeline.
bottom: Cecilia-Shing Rong-Lee Ching-Chai Wah.
serious total CANDID
a laughing gas makes the atmosphere even more merrier.
a groupie shot of us. *we used to be in same class since Form4 till Form5**& tillnow we still stick together.
So after the camwhoring groupie session, game is a must!!!!
kiddy games>>>> Turtle & Policeman vs Mafia.
I made a rule on if who lose on Turtle game will do lap dance on thier choice of partner.
GOSH!!! I lost in the game & I had to do the lap dance.

Chai Wah & I
Ying Zhi( doesnt dress lik malaysians rite???) & Pei Yun
candid of emily
Game of Policeman vs Mafia start right now!!!!!
Crystal explaining.
Games begun
Angeline & me** a good fren of mine aka tablemate since form4 till form5***

Again us, camwhoring.
Gosh its a must to do, cos it has been a years since we take pic as a group.

Crystal showin off her perky butt
Tada!!! see a proff of Crystal bullying me.
crazy us, we can u kno
never mind, ass showing . A FREE SHOW

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