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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its yesterday, Sunday which means de last day of the girls in KL.
So as usual, 1030am fixed time for breakfast at Selayang for pan mee..
I forgot de restorant name, I know its near the Shell station.
Once we reached there, numerous of ppl, but luckly us found a table for ourself.

a good fried pan mee goes along with sour&spicy chili.

After the breakfast, time to hit the road to Hartamas to do lil shop.
So our first stop is PRVIE.
38-1, jln 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
501800 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

seriosuly i recommend dis shop, especially to those shop for heels.
Genie & I camwhore while waitng for the other girls to try on heels.
SEE genie's killers heels?? Its damn comfy & I so wanted to get it but then since I bought ALDO not long ago, i shall remain *Ahem*

Nex stop to our very KAZIRA, been wanting to go for so long since day one I saw it on Facebook.
Its liek Love at first sight.
Its a 101 style on wearing it & I got medium for myself.
After dropping the 3kuantan girls to the cousin bro, time for lunchie.
Genie & I romantically having table for 2meal at MoMoTaLo.
external view of Momotolo

a starter.
Ms Genie & he view.
Chile....combination of soya sauce+chili+wasabi...not bad
A cold green tea for the hot humid afternoon.
Baked salmon, not bad, rich in milk cheesse n salmon
my portion, fried UDON, rich in black peppers but a lil too much black peppers.
Genie's portion, MISO soup.....full with seafood init...
I think its for free, FOC, jelly desert.
another free tingy, Chewing Gum.

So Audrey join us later to Cat Whiskers, as I promised to accompany her shop.
While Audrey shop, I do camwhoring with Genie babe. So genie stick wif us few minutes edi den she gotta take off cos seh made a promise to her mummy dat she b bcak around 3pm.

Around 430pm, i took off cos I got a family dinner to attend where sis's bf and hubby will b joining too. Mummy invite , wat to do.
camwhored in the car...

So here we are SAI KONG>

the guardian
sis & bro busy arranging cutleries.
she's my granny, 90years old, & having a peanut by all herself.

so our meal............

Each & everyone of us were so darn full, pity my hubb cos mummy been givng him lotsssss.
after dinner, I n hubb & sis n bf drove off respectively.
before that, drop by at Genie's house for returning money & lending LOO.
Once we reached 1u, gosh I saw my sis there.
a shot of us will jsut do for the day.

Muack sis, hubb and my family.

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