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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

6th dat of CNY.
No more red packet hunting, cos way so tired visiting one place to another where you got to eat drink sit talk gamble camwhoring, dats all you can do.
Today's outing would be different as Jenny & her bf , William would be joining us, but mostimportantly isANDREW's 21st bday.
o...well lets begun with my part time driver aka my Hubby.
amazingly we spotted a car with a long pillars placed horizontally till it couldnt fit but to extend it till out of de window.

Once reached 1u, met Samantha & her bf at A&W cos sucha long time I x meet her edi so thought wanna catch up with her abit.
After that, since its 31st, Jenny suggested for BASKET ROBINS, newly created name**hehe**
long queue.

so we got de Quart size with 2 diff flavor & 4 of us are sharing de same one.
happily having ice cream.

we dip, U drip.
Hubby having de very last drop of ice cream.

We walked respectively & Hubb & I went to the mini park.
Seriously telling, I never been there since day 1 till now I stepped into 1u.
reflection of HUbb & I
the sweet sweet us**MUACKS***

Meet up with Jenny again.........................................................................................................
William & Jenny
Love Bubbles C&C

de previous weeks shot I had with my HUbb.
de new reformed Love Bubbles C&C

random shot, taken by HUbb

I had been waiitng for Andrew & her gf. Noreen for dinner at Just Thai, 1u.
He is late, Bday boy is late for dinner, old routine, de late comers treats!!!

Jenny, chubby facey

JEnny texting non-stop where William sit there doin nothin

mia mocktail

green curry chicken
tomyam seafood soup
chicken with basil & chiliAlign Center
bean curd with chicken
omelet chicken

water chesnut with coconut milk
couple 1- Andrew & Noreen
Couple 2- Jenny & William

Couple 3- Calvin & Cecilia

Andrew, Noreen, Jenny, William

Cecilia, Calvin , Andrew, Noreen.(red white red white)
oo..previosly I was jokingly said dat late comers will foot de bill,
but den Andrew take it way too serious & he foot de bill.
A birthday Tshirt for him, I bought size L where he cant even fit his hand in..
Pity Andrew, he is size XL now.
After the dinner, continue with Yum cha with Hubb's form6 gang.
SOme i also know punya.

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