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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Besties day out

Kjun ( sam's bf) greedy look.haha
candid shot of sis where is talkin to taijie.
sob sam scold me say oni take Kjun pic but not her, i did jsut dat is candid mer. hehe
all time fav.
Duh go oldtown does not mean go drink coffee wert KJUN
This is a funny part where Kjun ordered another cup of coffee cos is unadequate for him.
Wen de coffee were placed on the table, sam &Kjun fight for de cofffee where Lp also helpd out to pull away de coffee from Kjun mouth.
Luckly no coffee pouring anywhere anybody
he photographer of today.

After he took this shot, i told him dont just take one pic den return de camera to me.
At least also take 10shots.
& he get de idea wrongly, he took 9 candids pic of us.
Never mind but still I likey cos protaits de real us.
us laughing lik no bosy business.
several table were actually looking at us, but who de hell bother cos I was having bif funs with my sisters.

the look of suspicious.
Truth to be told, LP looks angry here as she can eat the whole elephant up & sam here acting cute.
Come on suspicious look mer. I won this round
sam was forced to be kissed on her cheek....
pity her.
Angeline with her big big eyes widely open
Since she had a awwfull shot previously, she requested for a better shot.
here u go, u look pretty here
My turn- was thinkin about my husband here haha~~~~~
and aiks I should have consider bout de lighting form behind.
de shot is awwfull, bad lighting, aiks never mind le.
As long I can keep as memories
the love bird
Angeline & Samantha
Angeline & Cecilia

Muack muacks muack miss u guys so much.
love u girls big big time~~~~~~~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guilin 3rd day

3rd day at Guilin ( 27/3)

Prepare to take off & it was 7am**so damn sleepy** & I was sleeping lik a dead pig till I reluctant to get down from the van, but somehow these ''SILK'' word woke me up in just a second.
As usual after breakfast, proceed to our first stop to Silk Factory.
Once steppin inside Guilin's Silk Factory, I found that its a journey towards opulence where ones learn the masterpiece of SILK.
this is a series of display from the silk worm's cocoon to be extract from honeyed fibers
But first de Silk worm's cocoon must de soak into the water to make it easier for the extracting process.
demonstrate the strecthing cocoons
Four women then surround the table , each pull mightly to strecth the silk and demonstrate the unbreakable strength.
well we did tried to pull as well, sorry ppl Im just so not good in that, de result appear.

next, a layer of silk merge to create a luxury bed.

they had in clothes too.
dad tried
Varieties of Silkssssss

After the all walkin we did dis few days, time to get pampared.
haha dont get me wrong I do not hav OSIM to get me pampared, wat I got here is just A Tradisional foot massage.
Lucky us got a Tour guide who can speak canto, manda, hakka & hokkien_respect, cos most of ppl in Guilin do not know how to speak. 
First he start by crappin us bout foods where he told us he ate lots of animals meat INCLUDED HUMAN's meat.!@#$%GROSS man. According to him, we could get human meat easily in Hospital....Ogod!! I wanna faint soon cos of each detail description bout having human meat.
Anywhere lets get back to work
Angeline& I
herbs where we got to soak our feet for 20minutes. As this 20passes, I can see oil on the surface of the herbs 
 A free gift, I serisouly need it cos I was having a serious throat problem due to consuming chiliis lots.
Wattodo, Guilin's chili Is just so my type-freaking spicy till ur mouth get swalllon.
I do have a pic of myself with a bulked lips of mine-aint gonna share here haha

he is a massage boy of the day..haha
He ask lots of weird Q like u got bf, u sure u got? how does he look like?
GOD he is freaking me out lik hell.
finally I showed him my bf pic just to advoid him to ask any futher Q, but turns out he says OMG he is more handsome than me**I was speechless**

Luchie time ~~~~

I think I ate half of the fish man.hehe

Next stop A GIRL's 2nd Best Friend. haha ***PEARLS***

One of the workers demonstrate on how to open the shell & LEts guess how many pearls u could find in it?????????
I thought its just less than 5 like dat.
It prove me wrong.
It has 29 pearls in it.
Later on touring around pearls form Jewelry to cosmetics

One thing that irrates me lots, 
ppl there PESTER us to buy as dey are tyin to put a sympathy show on us.

Proceed to Silver cave AGAIN, this time in diff cave, Reed Flute Cave.
it was also almost de same as Silver cave, fantastic stalactities and stalagmites in the cave that makes ppl WOW>

Proceed to Health Care Centre in Guilin.
each of us given a herbs drink-for heat.
& we are treated by the Doc there for free
mom bought hell lots of herb for dad as he has a kidney prob-cholestrol le
mom request for a free body massage for everyone.
WOOTT~~~ free body massage around the house and it was damn good man.

Next stop, another yet massage.
It was one of the oldest foot massage centre & de workers there consist of 300++.
that is a hell lots of workers!!They hire male & female for body & foot massage.
Dis come with male massage for female & vise versa.

Bro showing how good his ass is..haha
Bamboo & lighting create a lovely relaxing ambience for a massage.

I must say. This foot massage is GOOD!!!
i was enjoying de moment till I fall asleep.
pst...my massage boy is handsome wei..GUILIN punya handsome le.

having fun in the van..
smelling bobo's ass hehe.

Dinner timey
One of Guilin's delicacies: Bihun besides Yangshou Beer fish

well least this time we hav show to watch.
Dragon Nationality with pricing RM170
we camwhored b4 the show starts

no camera&camcoder allowed, but I manage to curi-curi snap.
see, entertain urself with these pics

I could not get to take pic of Yao's nationality- Long&thick hair.
-they bath in a wooden bucket which brings hapineess&wine-
These are the nationality that my previous post that I mention bout thier long&think&black shiny hair, but wen it comes to the smell ewwww cos dey use rich water to wash thier hair.
to them is a beauty that every girl wanted.
''Kuan Yin'' dance- great poise , elegance and beautiful dance had shows the greatest of ''Kuan Yin''

Hou nationality where dancing&singing during the crops feast.

the Miao's nationality
-dance and sing with silver ornaments-
-dresses with silver ornaments on it-

Zuang's nationality-mask dance
-mask change colour everytime they jump where it believes to get back thier old tribe-

During Miao's wedding ceromoney- a mysterious wedding& it believe a lucky myth.
Show about 1hour.
I do loves thier costume, its just so unique& the colour of it attract me.

On way back to hotel, Xiao Ling drop us by de roadside to take few pic of the surrounding.