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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pak LI @ Kota Damansara

Back to hommieee~~~~~
Hubb tag along, while waiting had a lil pre-breakfast( fortune cookies, marigold CHOCO milk) at campus......
& mom arrive around 12pm...
isnt look gorgeous on ''my'' fingers???
cos it not my fingersssssss_------its HUbby's finger......

After we arrived home respectively, thought catchin lunch with sister & hubb & as well as taking opportunities to shop lil at Kota Damansara.
On our way to hubb's house, accident occur & it caused Chaos, topsy-turvy, traffic conjestion.

I wonder how on earth de driver driving?/
till that he/she could drive through the other lane and BOOM right to Proton saga**pretty bad**
traffic delayed our precious time!!!

Never mind, once reached Kota Damansara, off for lunch to Pak Li kopitiam**recommended by MY** hehe...

me love ice cendol~~~~~
 (rich coconut milk thick browned sugar syrup made from gula melaka where it was given in a container so dat u can add how much u wan)** kill me**
Pak Li asam laksa**~~Me likey keong baru better
taste in moderate sour&spicy & i was suprised it was served in hot!!
way better than OLD TOWN>...

to me was de best I tasted cos very few stall that had nice Laksa makan.
HUBB u say bring me to sri gombak for Laksa where he claim way more nicer than Pak Li's.
keow tiao goreng spicy.
among the most SEDAP le...
rich with taste&their spicy sambal blown me away hehe.....

**pricing cheaper than OLD TOWN 
& portion way more than OLD TOWN
Y i sounded lik hentam OLDTOWN??**

continue for shopping timey at VEGO.http://vegofashion.blogspot.com/
me & sis got our own dress**loving it**

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