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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kiku - Zakura @ Midvalley

Been helping lil bro out at edu fair, 
Since hubb at ipoh for aa day trip & so Im here ''MIDVALLEY''
tryin to get as much info as he wants b4 he made any decisions.
After the 2hours straight spent at edu fair, time for lunchie with daddy.
Guessing no more, Jap food was de first & last choice of dad when he is in malls.
One of dad's fav Jap place- KIKU-ZAKURA.
lady in GREEN
we were given a hot towel once we were seated.
daddy got a STICH once daddy enter the edu fair.
Daddy insist he wants it.
super myriad of bagssss~~~~~

acting a big round eye..PANDA eyes
spot daddy & lil bro before they start ordering.
this is after the ordered.....

Picturesss of food not so clear, lazy~~~~

my icecream in avocado&banana
the dragon roll
(the size is big enough & every bite is just fulfilling)
bro's soba set

Very exhausted actually cos in 2hours sstraight I had been helping on behalf of bro to ask around on~~.
Once back to home, ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & 
quiz on thursday
assingment due on wednesday
god I wan to skip all of those.

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