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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Besties day out

Kjun ( sam's bf) greedy look.haha
candid shot of sis where is talkin to taijie.
sob sam scold me say oni take Kjun pic but not her, i did jsut dat is candid mer. hehe
all time fav.
Duh go oldtown does not mean go drink coffee wert KJUN
This is a funny part where Kjun ordered another cup of coffee cos is unadequate for him.
Wen de coffee were placed on the table, sam &Kjun fight for de cofffee where Lp also helpd out to pull away de coffee from Kjun mouth.
Luckly no coffee pouring anywhere anybody
he photographer of today.

After he took this shot, i told him dont just take one pic den return de camera to me.
At least also take 10shots.
& he get de idea wrongly, he took 9 candids pic of us.
Never mind but still I likey cos protaits de real us.
us laughing lik no bosy business.
several table were actually looking at us, but who de hell bother cos I was having bif funs with my sisters.

the look of suspicious.
Truth to be told, LP looks angry here as she can eat the whole elephant up & sam here acting cute.
Come on suspicious look mer. I won this round
sam was forced to be kissed on her cheek....
pity her.
Angeline with her big big eyes widely open
Since she had a awwfull shot previously, she requested for a better shot.
here u go, u look pretty here
My turn- was thinkin about my husband here haha~~~~~
and aiks I should have consider bout de lighting form behind.
de shot is awwfull, bad lighting, aiks never mind le.
As long I can keep as memories
the love bird
Angeline & Samantha
Angeline & Cecilia

Muack muacks muack miss u guys so much.
love u girls big big time~~~~~~~

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