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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guilin 2nd day

2nd day at Guilin, China (26/3)
--gosh HUbb u know what is this date meant to us rite--muackssss

Breakfast at de Hotel Taizi where we were spending a nite yesterday.
thier buffet is a TOTAL diff than us,,,,,,,,,
Look at de pic below & u know what I meant.
It is not SUSHI!!!!
its just a ''lomaifan with seaweed around it''.
Taste bit weird....still prefer JAP SUSHI--LOVE--

Shut up!!! WTF
After breakfast, visit to LiJiang by cruise ( XingPing Fish Village).
It took about hour plus to reach there, while then, Xiao Ling describe to us lil bit place there.
Usually she would tell us de DO & DONT~~ haha

Here we are..~~~~~~~~~~
I was stuned by the breathtaking scenery of water & mountains where moutains peak rises to the sky, the spectacular view of each bend of river.
Its truly impossible to describe my trip at LiJiang river. For me, It was a life time cos you dont get to have this in Msia 
I'll just share some pitures here.

Im telling u right.

I dont really remmeber what is the bird name again.
What I know through Xiao Ling that these bird are commonly rare by the fisherman at LiJiang Village as these birds help in their cost if living.
WEll de bird helps fisherman to catch fish but in order to avoid these birds to have the fish themselves, most of the fisherman would just tie a string around thier neck cos once dey are FED, dey would just dont help u to catch any fish.
daddy claims that, these birds is not light.
the NOOBs haha
Y on earth dey pose like dat? ah Nam & ah Kuan Y??
cos de owner of de cruise asked dem to do so, 

can u spot DO-RE-MI-FA.
Im a DO.
god Y on earth im so short now.

XIao Ling~~~~~~

Tired of taking pictures already, time to RELAX=doing stupid face
ignore my BIG face with pig pose

wanna piece of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but end of the day no matter how serious we argue, we still unite as one 

Another silly thing we do.
bro ate lots dis days
& I love to sleep on it cos HUbbb dont hav ahhaa
jsut a lame thing to do~~~~~

COntinue my job.

they sell these food like this.
LIL crab.
de taste is jsut nice- it marinated with curry powder.
another delectable one....
im having difficulties to have CRABS.
I took this shot when my BRo starts playin with it.
Issac-Daddy-Edmund-Mumm-Cecilia-Angelina- Ah Kuan-Ah Nam
poser gila parent
Finally cruise is over, 
we seen lots of DUNHILL or other brands in MSIA.
DOnt ask me wat else brand MSIA Have cos I hate smoking!!
sneak peak on Guilin's one
Chinese wine.
I wonder how does it taste like.
Most of the time I watched those ancient movies, those wine are just like water.
another thing that attract me

God this is delicious. I bought some nia.
Regret x buy lots...
But its worth to see ppl doing it Live

After that, proceed to lunchie at Hotel YangShouLiJiang where we are having s good night sleep tinight.

its ''lomaifan coated with porksss''
at least smt diff in msia
at first i thought it was an egg...
but it prove me wrong.
It was not just an egg, it was an DUmpling egg.

after lunch, sat while before we take off to Silver cave, dad & bro made some !@#$%^&*

& they were to happy to be entertained.
not to mention that, Guilin has lots of strawberrys, orangesss, pameloss & lots more

Before the Silver cave, our Xiao Ling told us that she made some amenment.
We gonna stop bya t Big Banyan Tree & Fir lake.
i pity this lil girl begging from starting daddy came down from de van...
thier life is just so diff than us.
Im glad that I blessed with those access from my parents.
OKie lets not get carried away,
the spectacular scenery.

this lady here is called LIU SAN JIE.
Well according to my mother, it was once a very famous singer in late 60s.
& it was not practise everywhere.
She asked us where are we from? why we are here? through singin.
But I find it real diff to listen & that is why I got to sit&listen real carefully.

De guy offer daddy to try . Well this bamboo stick is used to move the raft.

remember I told u about the bird which help the fisherman in catchin fish.
I watchit LIVE>
its just so unbelievable. My bro got dat on tape.

Next we proceed to silver cave, spendid limestone cave ( One Of Guilin's attraction)............

The cave is deep & in irregular shape&size.
It has great number of stalactites of thousand years.
The charm of the stalactites are greatly added by numerous, diff light glint like silver(where how dey name it) made diff stalactites with different names.
We are accompany by the tour guide of Silver cave's commity member, introduce us each & every stalactites & how dey come upon with the names

After the Siver cave tour( it was tiring), proceed to dinner.
DID i tell u dat ppl in Guilin are very punctual????????
Puntual in BReakfast, Lunch & Dinner. haha seriously.
For dem, breakfast at 7.30AM, Lunch at 12pm, Dinner at 5pm
God damn early, I dnt really get used to it.
It was one of the specialties of GUilin's dish.
Fish in wine.
I like this.
small prawns are deep fried & served with curry powder!!
wat a combination.

SHUT UP & LET ME GO TO ROOM~~~~~~~~~~~
Own activities in de nite as usual,
We went to Yangshou famous shopping Street The West Street.
SEX education!! cool
I thought I wanna to buy it after snappin pic of it.
herm spoil my mood, & she just lost a customer.
some Guilin's handcraft
look closly on how dey carve name on it.
Nice rite? Msia money cost RM5.
Expensive wei
Mui nasionality
Black Sesame!!!
I was dying to try one ever since I was younger.
Now i get to try~~~ so happy..
its yummy-licious
Yea i Kno Msis ada.
I thought It was those MONK by the street.
AN early judgement based on his beard. haha
look closely, this is wat he made
I wonder Y on earth dey would wanna do dat.
so not friendly to environment.
bought some snack & look for a stall to settle down with supper
cute stool....tiny dainty

Back to room, food fiesta havent ends
Continue with China Cup noodles...
It was a huge one compare to Korea Cup noodles.

thanks bro for being a russish truck..haha

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