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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guilin's 1st day

1st day at Guilin, China.(25/3)

Need to catch 6am flight & we got to be at Lcct at 3am.
Tired+ sleepy....trying hard to stay awake every minute every second.
I do have a Trip Planner. haha sounds crazy?? A Trip Plnner??
Im going one hell of the trip, attemping as much as possible, getting pictures of everywhere(true to be told, I took about 400++ pics), develop language awareness, power to bargain prices, & bla bla bla.....................................
was having some fun while waiting for flight.

oooooooo~``we are in the plane now'' ready to take off.
Flight about 4hour to reach 

our breakfast in flight---daddy order Roti Canai for Mummy ( so funny, it cost RM6)
O yea, I bring BOBO along. Thought brignin NINI, den never mind.
for the 4hour trip, finally here we are.
this pis were taken wen we were in a shop of Guilin's Airport.
VW car man!!!!!!!!!! haha old version punya

this is my tour giude, XIao Ling (petite, cute& pretty)
She told us that in GUilin it is rude to refer girls as Xiao Jie
U should Either call Mei Mei or Jie Jie or Xiao Peng You 

One of GUILIN's specialties was BIHUN.
Yea I just say that out loud, BIHUN.
Thiers a lil diff than us.
To dem our keow teow---> is BIHUN( diff in sense of thier thickness)
our Rice Nooodles---> is BIhun
one of the famous & oldest shop( XIao Ling's treats)
varieties to put in soup
u can choose either beef/chicken
Bear In mind, de chili flakes DAMN spicy till My tounge bengkak edi. 
god Imagine me can stand over spicy food & this is OMG>>>>
THough is spicy, I dont give a damn bout it.
chopping white carrot.

Next, proceed to visit to Ancient SOuth Gate & Sun-Moon Hill sightseeing.
De park was absolutely BEautiful & it worth seeing. Most of the wedding pic were taken here,
SInce im here now, I woulndt just stand~~ haha
This is just some of the pic taken....

aww my bro...isnt he looks cute...

my heart drops to the ground to look at these beautiful views................

This is the famous Big Banyan Tree& Fir Lake.
-lake surrounded by big Banyan Trees to be believe more than 800years-

nah, BOBO tag along for de park
Talking bout toilet, thier toilet very funny one.
god I should take pic of thier toilet. there is no door some of it.

Plat num of the van

Next we are here at another famous park, YuShan Park( Birthplace of Guilin history & culture).
It was located at one of the most FENGSUI location where believe to bring goof fortune to the nations & ppl as well.
and most of the resident who stays there are from upper class family.
OF cos it was located at FENGSUI wert............

Not to mention, i was de camera girl all this while & probably for these 3days.
neh, im not camwhoring.
Im just taking pic of myself since Im de camera girl.

King's seat.

temple remain for 2000years.
he is one of the smartest ppl like ALBERT EINSTEIN.
ppl were asked to touch his head , toes & hand as he wil bring goof fortune to us.
DUH believe??? NEH.....if bring good luck, my wishes edi granted......
SOme of the oldfolks kiss his forehead man.. so serious.

Here we are at de most renowned spot of all YuShan Park.
Behind me is this divine temple surrounded by beautiful caves, mountains.
They have this 5blessing tower, I forgot de names**sorry**
as paretn were listening to the explaination given by the tour guide, me , bro ,  sis camwhoring cos WE hell dont really undertand what they say...
CHinese slang too STRONG>>...

sis PK from stairssss
lets proceed to the park...
its too good to be true..haha
a luckly water....aint dat lucky..
Y on earth dey trust so much on those...dis dat FENGSUI
NExt stop, DR TEA>
all time daddy's fav.
Not to say dad bought one big box of tea~~~
wat to do, daddy big fans of TEA & it was sold way cheaper in CHINA

daddy said he is happy to own such big tea leafssss
free tea drinkin session......
we tried 4 types of tea.
  1. This is Tian Qi flower....used for invigrate the circulation of blood&soften blood vessels, making soup with chicken, it can dispell cold and dampness.
  2. Osmanthus tea..............good for blood circulation&skin, act on anemia&enrich blood and with some brown sugagar, can nourish the stomach.
  3. Green peony........................for weak kidney, good for insomia
  4. WIld puer tea(slimming tea)........dad's all time fav cos of the scent, taste & all...it works especially after u hav ur heavy meal.
Puer Tea.
dey also thought us de method of drinkin for diff tea.......

After DR TEA, transfer for Hotel Guilin Taizi check in.

After chckin in, dinner time

China beer.~~~ I did tried sosos only..
More like water to me

So after dinner, our own activites, we went out to explore
& I spotted ppl getting married.
this is how their car looks like wen they get married.
There is a tradission where girls enter the door will take sweet & guys will take cigratte

China's trishaw..........

CHina's lorry

something I really dont like bout here,
When dey wanna pack away food like liquid type.
DEY eventually put into those plastic where u buy vege those plastic...
SHoe polish 
these are some of the game they had
oh Since GUILIN, had lots of these sugarcane & pineapple,
ppl there eventually take those as tipbits....
I had one for my self & it has style if u wan to have good taste of sugrcane,,I made video of my own damn rude wan ahahha

another game
my shadow
mummy bought te mang mang(means food,eat) 
its all duck, it has duck wing, duck tounge, duck head, duck legs alll.....
we had one & it was damn spicy .
MY MOUTH eventually swallon..

these are some China's CONDOMS in my hotel room's toilet.
its rather suprising cos, for past years, been to diff types of hotel  
I never seen condom placed in toilet b4
even ShangRila do not hav dis service
nothin special bout this.
But one thing WOuld lik to shout out.
Guilin's Advertisement regardless bout ice-cream, biscuits, water, juice.
ALl those must relates to artistssssss

camwhoring sessions end.!!!!!!!!!
another thing dat I would like to emphasize on the city is rather compact when compared with other leading cities in the country. However, situated within this area one may find green mountains, crystal clear waters, unique caves and beautiful stones

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