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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mango Mania @ Bangsar

Sucha Boring holiday, no fun no joy no nothing.
Plus parent out wif bro to some college / Univeristies's open day since morning. Think dey be back before dinner.
The lonesome us hit on Bangsar for lunchie, MANGO MANIA ( right opposite Bangar Village)

the wallpaper with Mango Mania word on it** its actually a stiker where dey paste on it**

Just ignore the stupid face I do** i dont know Why on earth I do that.

Firstly first, our placing order arrived.
Cube-Cube Mango
( Mango Juice ice blended, mango pudding, mangojelly & freshly cut mango cubes.)
In sense of You can drink, chew, Bite 'n' suck all in a cup, irresistible mango treat!!
It comes with a price with RM14.90
But then one a while its alright...............................
Banana 'Yo' Boat
(Yo froz Twist, fresh cut mango in the cup, banana, cerry, pistachio nuts on the banana surface & choc top)
Its godness** I cant resist It**
With a pricing of Rm14.90
Its a absolutely Yogurt...

a peak-a-thue....fresh cut mango beneath the Yogurt
here come the main course besides those fancy captiving desserts.
Spaghetti Wild Mushrooms Cream Sause
(white cream sause with 3different type of mushrooms serve with salad to topped with Italian dressing)
--well to me I do like the part of the varieties of mushroom where it come with lots of mushrooms, still than compare to NEW YORK DELI, nothing to be compare off)
ANywhere its Rm12.90

 MIni cooper with a door behind?????????????????????????????????


  1. do u notice that ur stupid face like mine?? affected by me liao.. wakaka

  2. My face never been normal b4...
    thought so u know