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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bumbu Bali @ Puchong

A pretty ride out early morning~~♥♥♥ with Hubby♥♥♥♥~~
Breakfast in car...

A healthy SOYA

A raisin muffin

Back home~~~as there is one week holiday, AInt sound holliday tome. After de holiday , here come the numerous exam paperssssssssssss..ARGH plus Im off to China for 4days, God where de hell Im gonna find time for my studies.

Luunch with Genie, my sis at Bumbu Bali.

Girls in BLACK- Angelina & Genie

Love Bubbles- Cecilia & Calvin

As waitng for the meal, Hubb & I went around & indirectly as always we camwhored...

♥♥ Hubb acting lik a fishy fish.

toilet pathway~~`awesome picS hanging on the wall.

Get back to the lunchie that we had been waitng for~~~

mia AVOCADO shaka

(taste more like a vanilla shake- anywhere prefer Water lily's banana shake, gosh dat is js brilliant)

The express set lunch dat Genie & sis ordered.
It served with barli drink


soup of the day- tomato (simply brilliant

BBQ fish & mayo pita.

ayam goreng with nasi uduk.

( rich coconut rich with combination of ayam goreng marinated lemongrass- Damn!!)
My portion-- sharing wif hubb

Ayam betutu- Barlinese Roast Chicken with lemongrass Marination.

( Chicken served in a very huge portion, lik almost half of it- god luckily i share with Hubb if not I had no idea how Im i gonna finish it up, de sambal kankung was in a perfect taste)

--its one of Bumbu Bali specialist--amust to try.

*** damn full- its like Im having banana leaf meal***
Continue of journey back home,
DUh been SS-ing in the car with CEO"s new GF---> bear.

cute not CEO's New GF???? Genie snatch it form me MAN!! herm

Kididng she most likey hate these stuff with FURSSS

it was raining, god sucha good time to hibernate

Dropping Missy Genie to AIrport, haha kiidng
Its a drop off at Ikea

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