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Thursday, April 30, 2009

After I got a called from How bout cancellation class of Finance at 8pm,
I was darn piss off , really, very.
Wasted my time here waiting for the moment of the class & by then I should b home already.
ASAP I called my mom to pick me up, by then she reached around 830pm after fetchin my lil bro from UCSI.
Since mom's stomach been making hell lots of noise, mom drove to any random restro at SK for dinner.
HEre we at Suan Suan Lai Resto.

Despite form all those good loking pic, feeling of doin a real silly face where Sis not even coperating at all * argh*
& we ordered few 'siew chao'

First of all its my all-time-fav.
Fish head noodles...
This time Im really dissappoited yet again.
De fish was way too hard to eat & de soup is tasteless....

Fried Yee mee
-think de chef push himself/herself hard on the salt, it was salty man-

Overall- no good.
De owner of the resto kept on sayin its was her signature dish & lots ppl makan here & used to have paparazi bla bla bla.

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