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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bangsar day out

Another getaway right after Statistic class,
HAnd got so itchy out of the blue, so I urge Him'' to Bangsar to cure my itchy-ness**hehe**

We had lunch there, SUBWAY...
U can choose long foot or 6-inch bread with all fresh ingredients.

Healthy starts day- Freash toasted Paramesan Bread with Turkey ham & chess with green pepper, black olive, onions, cabbages, teriyaki sauce, cucumber, and tomatoes.

Later on continue with our dessert at Delicious...........................

Chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream topping.
Cold freeze Ice cream mix with warm chocolate cake make a one heavenly day of mine.

After those, we went straight 5hours walking -shopping hehe...
Well I barely buy something form the beginning, but start found my LOVes one at Oopsie Daisy....Muackssss

And all those walking need a rest, & Hubb settle down with Banana daun for Dinner wei...
Cos we saw those numerous crowds & we do want to try out/
It is just right opposite Bangsar Village Shopping complex.

he had his
Overalll it was really nice- way better than de Puchong haha
Love the chili kering, Loves de Sayur, Love the chicken, love the FIsh curry, Loves the kacang sambal
I had mine.......
Mango Lassi,
god after drinkin this, 
Perut sakit like shit man

WE went back around 9.45pm..
I was so damn tired & I doze offf Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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