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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bel Pasto @ Aman Puri

finally de midterm for marketing is OVER and finance assignment due date change to nex week friday cos LEct wan to discuss with us bout the Question. GOD***im happy of cos.
Sucha long time since Calv date me out.How de hell to date boyfriend and we were in school life on track with tons of assingment, midterm, quizes.
We got a date at a very last minute**wink** 
But I do need a serious BOYFRIEND Time Management, if not he would say I abandon him.

that ''tough goes shopping'' made me one typical me. 
credit to Jenny & Cmc.
ur de source dat I shop everyday *8eheehheeh**

Bel Pasto date`` at Aman Puri``
I do not fail to return for thier excellent, resonable pricing meal and friendly service.
Hubb hubb** I do hav tons of reason y i kept on taking pic of his, & i anit gonna tell**
study well of my facial expression???
come with our Ice Lemon Tea drink.
the warmness of the ambience
lighting &cozy background as well as music does give a relazing mood.

I made a happy spoiled kiddo face every time,
Bruscetta- Bread topped with diced tomatoes, black olives and olive oil
-brillaint, de bread is hot cruncy from outside and the toppin of the tomatoes is cold,makes a satisfying starters for the stomach-
Spaghetti Olio- (Spicy) pasta cooked with garlic, olive oil and chili flakes
-steal attention especially de sauce and it is my favourite comfort food besides carbonara-
(Rm8.50)- yes believe it
the complimentary Tiramisu that selling fast.
-its heaven in your mouth, & it was de best Tiramisu ever. I never fail to come back for more.
Tiramisu fresly made with thick cream, sponge soak in expresso, topped with cocoa powder and drizzled with choco syrup, so YUMMY and de portion is way too good enough for me &hubb.
(its RM8.90 only)

every single inch of it were satisfying.

Yea. we did a lot of camwhoring hehe

After the late dinner, time off to my house.

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