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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GoodWill @ Puchong

AS what I said earlier, we were rehearsing our presentation for BAE- Advance Management English on our Business Plan.
So it is the day of today of our presentation......hehe~~~~~
We eventually camwhored a lot b4 our presentation..**more pics to come after this**

Cutie Michelle ~~~~~~~~
Michelle & I.......This is my very first time I take pic with michelle le...~~~~~

Genie & I
Grace & Cecilia
This is my magnificant members starting on 
left: Me, Grace, Pui Yieng, Joanne, Michelle, LiPing, ShuTIng, Siao Booon, Genie and Chun Ying.

After the presentation, a movie with hubby at IOI Mall & we had dinner at Restoran GoodWill, puchong.
I had no idea why I kept takin pics of him.....non of it is my camwhore pic man....sobs
watever it is back to where I suppose to tell u guys.........
My all time favorite Fish head noodles** it was in a prefect taste with lots od salted vegetables, cabbages, toufo, tomatoes, asam and the evenlly carnation milk mixed well with the rice noodles. ALl of these makes rich & delicious soup. Well I do always hunt for Fish head noodles.
Anyone know where to have nice one pls do tell thanks:)
Hubb had his char keow teo...

After the dinner, straight off to IOI Mall for our movie.
The seating SUCKS!!!!
god damn it, I hate de way dey place those seats. So outdated man & its quite stuffy & aircond leaking. This is not what I imagine during show.

ANywhere movie so so only.
Not much racing compare to Fast & Furious 3....
watever it is, im so darn lazy to blog now.
Tata got quiz tomorrow :)
got to study


  1. u remember there's a chinese restaurant opposite my hse?
    i told u it's call tung tung arr...
    d fish head noodles also not bad...mummy like to eat their's..

    there's also another at segambut, Yu Ai..
    not bad but expensive rm12 per bowl i think..

  2. war..Rm12 really really expensive wor....
    but den never mind hehe try one day