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Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Noodles@ Desa Park City

A sudden outing with mummy to Lot10 & Sungai Wang ( yea, U probably heard of me going to 1u, sunway, hartamas, bangsar but never SG).
I shall then make a KECUALI cos mummy need to get herself one costume for Qi Gong's convention..

MOM: DOnt u feel bored camwhoring urself??
Cecilia: Gosh r u asking me to take pic of u as well?
MOM: U still dont get what I meant?
Cecilia: Thought so, & ( I snap super lots of her poser pic).
-like mom lik daughter???-

After those crazy hunting, a treat from mom on my ALL TIME FAV - Grande Java Chip.

SUper cio rite my mom's shades???
Do I look lik those uptown Harry porter? :)

We headed for our dinner at 7pm, VENUE=> Desa Pak City.
U know what makes my heart beat even FASTER??
MY BROTHER>..........his supereb driving skills makes me wanna :(
I know first time driver macam itu punya le. but den macam orang ni first time tengok tao.

while I was having heart attack , mom & dad were sitting comfortably lik shown in the pic. :)))
super lots of kites..............
Tada..we finally reached with my bro's driving speed of 40km/h
well actually I had this restro b4, kepong baru pun ada.
& tis time dad bring us here.
the cozy ambience.
They have a wide range of noodles(thier speciality of course), some side dishesand a fairly good selection of Dim SUm

start with a pre lil peanut. WHICH does not make my heart any better.
Red bean with cincao....
-its rather too sweet for sweet craving me-
Beijing Hot & sour La Mein
-argh all in bad taste. not spicy at all, sour cos of vinegar, overall NO GOOD-
& I terpaksa to finish half of it.
Beef Rice soup with Egg
- Rice soup with egg, with additional beef makes the soup taste diff, but rather simple-
Kiwi jelly ice
-rather dissapointing, Kiwi is in jelly form, I thought it is in Fruit cube cut, dat would be better.-
Crab meat, Scallops and Egg Fried rice
- I do not know why de food served though in big portion, but the taste was so far not as what I expected, I dont even see any scallops and crab meat, what I saw it's jsut crab meat, & it cost bout Rm22.90, sucky ingredient with unreasonable pricing-
Prawn roll
-Thumbs up ppl, the prawn were fresh & its big-
Fried noodles with beef and 'choy sum''
- This was de best dish of the nite, de fried noodles comes with thick gravy of the beef-
Pan fry carrot cake.
-Im superb fans of carrot cake, I just simply love it, this carrot cake is crispy from outside, and with a bite of it makes a hell diff ( it was soft form inside)-
Shanghai pao
-was dissapointing though, it broke easily, the skin was bit thick, but de soup n meat not that tasty- but still cannot beat Dragon-i's shangai pao.
usually sis was the slowest eater in the family & we need to wait for her to finish up. 
bt today, turns out dad is de slowest eater now.
mummy & I...
mom freaks out wen she saw wrinkles on her face, & she quickly say I need to fix it asap.
mom ur 45, wat u expect.
Next session at Hubby's house.
He asked to come over as he has something something.
Mana tao something something is orea cake ( baked by Hubb himself) love
Yea we are celebrating our lil pre 7th month, it is so unexpected that time passes so fast.
he is doing the honour for the cake cutting

He had the small portion & I had the big portion.
Believe it!!!
kidding doink.
It was the 2nd time he bakes for me,, love love.
& this time he over pamper himself with putting extra cream to the topping...
but still den I love it.

MR Bobby who had been disturbing us having cake.
Naughty Bobby


  1. i didnt see you in lot 10 pun.. i was there today. hehehe

  2. hehe too bad,
    No fate man gosh...

  3. yeah lor.. sigh.. :,(

  4. haha probably we should set up u know. hehe:)
    go there shoppin gyea?

  5. yea, bought some lancome products in pavilion then head to lot 10.. you le? sure shops a lot.. kaka

  6. haha.nonon. its de other way round
    I dint buy anything at Lot10.
    probably I dont really shop there dats y i didnt buy anyting..