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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jeff Lee Kitchen@Sungai Buluh

Back from breakfast with hubb along with sis & bro.
Wat a lonely breakfast without dad(at QI Gong) and mom(at grandma house), feel so akward.
haha but den lonely come no more as I got back up plan or u could say story creator(MY dad used to call me dat, cos I giv tos of reason to shut his mouth, wat a bad daughter, I know).
So porridge for breakfast anyone????
Its at Jeff Lee Kitchen...

There will be no pic of me, but I do hav pic of teapot for u in early morning.

the pork porridge...
I do not intend to describe the congee taste, but wat I can say it texture are soft 
Fried Udon noodles.
Erm taste lik those ''siu chow''
Not that I dont like it, i prefer it was fried with black paper.
LAstly VEge....
with those gravy eggss & pork oil, erm Yummy

Blah back home asap cos daddy is alone at home~~~

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