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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

After signing the agreement wiith the agent for our up coming new apartment with girls&guys at cyberia,
we were actually waiting for Winter kor kor to be back as we need to check on the house if there is any mulfunctioning....

I was wondering wat calvin been looking at??? vic ur in TROUBLE>

Since he would not be back so early as he is in KL, so we hit the mamak first.
this is my future apartment nice???????????
doink ur so stupid to believe.

random shot.

I always been a big fans of wresling cos i find it cool man hehe

Bihun Lanak.
watever it is, it does taste good.

Oh finally de winter kor kor reached home, so we headed back to his house to look see here there.

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