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Monday, May 4, 2009

Pui Ying's 21st bday bash

Back from Pui Yieng's 21st suprise Bday bash......
Dis time Hubb got to drive yea~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So we are heading to Pui Yieng's penthouse for a lil suprise for her........

Emo Leong..

So it started where we waited for Pui Yieng housemate to open de gate for us as Pui Yieng is having discussion with her senior on Debate in other apartment.
So we curi curi sneck in & we get ready & Siao Boon asking senior to trick on Pui Yieng & thats explain Y we waited damn long for Pui YIeng to appear.
s we waited, we camwhored leeeee.

So we switch off all de light & once Pui Yieng get into de house, we screamed Happy Birthday.
Haha & she says I frighten her somehow with my long black hair...haha
Shu ting SS le
Yam cake
Somt choco with berries 

After singing Birthday song to her, & tradisionally We got to make wishes, blow cake, cut cake. distribute cake & that is exactly wat we do

& a lil pressie for her..............................

Leong do an honour ****


This prove that its been sucha long time since dey mop the floor...

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