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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ceo's 21st Bday BASH

A day we had been waiting for CEO's BDAY BASH........
Hubb pick me up at 7pm , apprently me slow mo taking her sweet time choosing wat to wear.
& the time I end up in car, a Orea Cheese cake make a day sweeter as Previous post I told u bout the cake bake by hubbb....

So first thing first, we hunt down for food once we reached there.
Saw some familiar faces haha & lucky me get to meet my ex-MONKAY aka Hon Kit ( entah how long did not call u monkey edi).
chicken satay

Jelly that made by GENIE.
It was so hot out there, I was standing just for 30minute end up sweating lots.
so end up hiding inside the house first for cold air.

sting ray
Apprently I did lots of candid pic yesterday.
Haha taking lots of ppl's ugly side pic.
Kiss the HOT MILK aka Darrion

the silly-ness pic of Matthias Soh starts right now.............................

Legendary lee kok xian (dat is wat his fb profile is)
Levin's head macam (*&%$%^..
He been killed by SLYAR

After all those amazing silly-ness pic.
head down to CEO's blowin candle timey..
cake bought by VICTOR SOH JIAN KOK.

he sotong style..

Pressie time.........................
MAcam those sell DVD HARAM guy in night market

BEst pressie ever le!!!!

itu vic x habis habis makan sihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

When u see anyone's face has cream on it.
DATS ME hehe********

So gang pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vic, ceo, genie, calvin, cecilia
Look at vic's pose...sial betul
chest up ppl.

uppants form matt??
siapa mao tengok????
genie's heaven asssests
Levin butt-licious assets.
SO which ass nicer????????????????????????????????????????

had dis pic b4 I took off ....& again here

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