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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gardens @ 1u

*puff* here we are at Gardens @ 1u for lunch.
De spectacular view & those degisn & white piano in de middle of the restro.
Its pretty classic yet amusing..........

the flower pot that could be sold.
tiny mini flower dat placed on the table.

SIs & bro ordered thier set respectively & im here to kamtam haha
I wanna save money lol....so kastamle.
soup of the day - tomato soup
(very sour indeed & rich with indredient as u can see but the portion they are serving are pretty dissapointing with the pricing they set)
free drink- Ice lemon tea.
nothin special except on de serving jug
Ice WHite coffee
A closer look.
spaghetti carbonara- another upsetting portion as well.
despite from the unsatisfying portion, the cream sauce is not think enough & the taste bit tasteless.
Dori fish fillet in thick cream sauce.
Weird that there is 2slices of pineapple & a few drips of tomato sauce.
THick cream+pineapple+tomato = weird 

Since bro wanted to buy his stuff there, I get my ass to shop while.
I do always wanted to get Embroidered Tunic top and Egyptian tops....

I found something similiar, but den up didnt buy any....~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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